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  • No the redesign of the $10 bill should not have two people in the main spot.

    No other U.S. Currency note has two central figures. The redesign of the $10 note should not just to keep Alexander Hamilton on the note. It's time for Hamilton to be retired for a different person and it seems that the choice of the public is for that person to be a woman!

  • Alexander Hamilton should not share space with a woman on the $10 bill

    I do not believe that Alexander Hamilton should share space with a woman on the $10 bill. I understand the argument that there are rarely women portrayed on American currency, whether that be paper bills or coins; however, that is not a reason to change the long-standing tradition of Hamilton's portrait on the bill. Rather than change the bill entirely to include a woman's portrait, and have Hamilton placed elsewhere on the bill, the United States treasury could make a separate $10 bill that has a woman's portrait, while continue making the traditional Hamilton version.

  • I would prefer for it to stay the way it is.

    I am all for woman's rights, but I like the historical aspect of keeping the $10 bill the way it is. I think there are other ways to honor women, and I don't think we need to change our currency just to show we support women. Since Alexander Hamilton was associated with finance, I think he should stay on the currency.

  • Why does she have to share?

    This question is perplexing to me. Why does a woman have to share space on the $10 bill. Why can't she have her own bill all by herself ? There are a lot of female Mavericks out there, who more than deserve to be on their own currency. It's definitely time for us to honor the phenomenal women who came before us.

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