• Academic work should be available to anyone!

    Work that is produced by universities should be allowed to be made available to the public. If someone wants to learn or enrich and better themselves from university work, why wouldn't you let them do it? As long as everything is legal and you are not reproducing the work, it should be free and easy to access.

  • Yes, it should be for all.

    The academic person who is qualified and intelligent enough to set a course of research and complete it is being paid to do that and providing a service to the community. However, the community as a whole should be able to have access to this research if they want to know about it.

  • Often publicly funded

    Its often publicly funded research, even if people don't realize it. A huge amount of research is being funded through government programs and should be made available to the public. There are reasons to protect thing s- defense, proprietary technology - but pure research should belong to everyone in the country.

  • No there are copywrite rules

    All academic work by universities should not be publicly available in the US. This would break way too many copy right and legal rights in this country. It would also basically halt all research done t the university level. The consequences of this action are far greater than the rewards.

  • Most Of It Wouldn't Be Useful

    I do not believe all academic work produced by universities should be made available to the public. Firstly, I think we need to remember that academic work means everything, every student does in every class. The majority of this work would be repetitive and wouldn't be useful for much. Secondly, doing this would require a lot of server space and expense to the University which I do not believe is justified.

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