Should all American citizens participate in the Pledge of Allegiance?

Asked by: tswizzle36
  • It is your duty

    If you are an American citzen you should do it because it is your duty as a american citzen to say the pledge of allegiance. We should appreciate the freedom and liberty of America by saying the pledge of allegiance. The pledge of allegiance is part of what unites America.

  • Why not? It wouldn't kill you.

    Many people say that being made to participate in the pledge of allegiance, is a violation of our freedom of speech and will. Well MANY countries don't even have the right to freedom of speech or many other freedoms we as Americans are allowed to possess thanks to our Founding Fathers and the constitution.

    If you live in America, American citizen and or appreciate freedoms of speech, freedom to either believe in any religion, democracy, our soldiers that fight everyday for us, opportunities this country has to offer anyone etc. I think standing up, recognizing and pledging to the flag isn't much to ask for in return. Its like when someone does something small for YOU, you say thank you whether it doesn't seem like a big deal or not. Its just common courtesy.

    Many of us Americans who have lived here all of our lives sometimes take our freedoms for granted and take them for advantage. Especially Freedom of Speech. So often freedom of speech is used as an excuse to be nasty to others, criticize, openly hate, hurt feelings and just used for plain ignorance or laziness. By no means am I saying America is perfect, the best country and that we don't have flaws/problems, but in comparison to many other countries we have it VERY easy here. You REALLY can't take MAYBE 15 seconds out your day to stand and recognize your country when wanted or needed? Once again, COMMON COURTESY. Its not like every hour we have to get up, pause and salute. Like to those saying "why should we have to say it if we don't mean it?', hmmmm, why do you live here then? If you truly love your country, thankful for your country or even appreciate, why is there a problem?

    I don't know whats dumber an American not pledging or someone from another country that has came to live not wanting to pledge. I know mainly foreigners are the ones who have the issue. But thats just rude and disrespectful to go to ANY country and not. Thats like going into to someones home and disrespecting them, but saying its okay because its "freedom of speech".

    I don't think standing up when asked is to much to ask for. Regardless its just showing respect and thankfulness is all. Its not a matter of a country feeling "insecure".

  • It is your duty!!!

    You are an American citizen it is your duty go say the pledge because you are living in this country because people are dying for it to be a free country. People are constamtly fighting over seas to make sure you dont get killed in your sllep by foriegn invaders and they deserve a little respect because they don't see their family everyday like you do.

  • Everyone should be obligated to

    Regardless of your religion or anything that is keeping you from standing up when your whole class is , you need to realize why we do it. We do the pledge of allegiance as a thank you to all the soldiers that have fought and are fighting for our freedom right now. If you are a US citizen and you are safely living in the united states, why are your beliefs restricting you from standing up and placing your right hand over your heart? You are experiencing the safety and freedom too.
    And the people who don't do it just because they don't feel like it...
    They are ignorant, lazy people and ungrateful
    everyone should participate.

  • Religious Flag Worship

    Vet and served over 4 years, But two items that can turn a rational group of people into a cult like mob is defacing an American flag or a crucifix(Scary). It clearly states that you are swearing alligence to the Republic and that piece of cloth represents it. A true patriot would turn their wrath towards the corrupt politicians with their rich friends in the Babalyon on the Potomac.

  • It doesn't matter that much.

    I believe that Americans shouldn't be forced to say the Pledge, Because that wouldn't make America all that free. People claim that the Pledge doesn't have anything to do with religion, But other people can have different beliefs. I am not saying that we shouldn't say the Pledge all together, I am just saying people should not be forced to. I they do say the Pledge, That is okay too, And if you don't, That is also okay.

  • The Supreme Court backs up the option not to.

    Just take a look at the Supreme Court case "West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette. " It protects students from being forced into saying the pledge. You may think its "unamerican" "communist" "fascist" whatever you wanna call it. But to me not standing for ththe flag is probably the most American thing to do. Why? You are exercising your freedom of speech that's protected by a Supreme Court case.

  • Christians are not suppose to say it

    To be honest, saying the 'Pledge of Allegiance' is sinning. Two sins actually.
    1) We are to not make an oath. Mentioned in the bible, we are to not swear an oath as any words after Yes or No comes from the evil one.
    2) We can't believe in two 'masters.' Saying the pledge is basically giving your loyalty to the USA. As Christians, we are only suppose to believe in God. The government is forcing us show our loyalty to them. We are to only believe in the Kingdom of God

  • I think No

    I don't think anyone would Have to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance, Because it wouldn't make you less American if you didn't say it, it wouldn't make you more American if you did say it. If we wanted to show our gratitude to our soldiers, We would bring them home instead of buying things saying that we support them like ribbons, stickers etc. If we were forced to say the Pledge, then U.S.A is not Free at all like it claims to be.

  • Freedom of Speech

    First of all though one can force another to say the pledge of allegiance, will they really mean it? If we were to force a terrorist who hates America into saying the pledge of allegiance would he mean it? I think it is pretty obvious that the answer would be no. Also the thing about America is that one should be able to believe and say what he or she wants and believe what he or she wants to believe. If these fundamental principles are violated, then what is the point, if we only say what the government wants us to say, are we any better than countries like North Korea.

  • A compulsory pledge is meaningless.

    If you're just asking "should" then there is obviously no answer for that. Everyone should decide for themselves if they should based on how they feel about the pledge. So I'm assuming you're asking if they "should have to."
    If I ask my friend to pledge allegiance to me because I'm so insecure I need to hear him say it, and he feels, understandably, a little weird about that, and so I threaten him, saying if he does not pledge his loyalty I will punish him. I will force him to give me twenty dollars out of his wallet, or maybe I'll even lock him in my basement for a few days. Now, assume he is afraid I'll do it, and so he pledges allegiance to me.

    Have I earned his allegiance? No. I have earned his contempt. Any allegiance I may have had before is gone now. He is no longer my friend. Any pledge he makes under threat of punishment is completely meaningless. He's only saying it because he's afraid.

    Is that the country we want? Remember, the last line in the pledge contains the words "liberty and justice for all." If you force someone to say that sentence, you are making an absolute mockery of it. You are spitting on the sentence. If we want to make the pledge compulsory, the first thing we must do is remove the words "with liberty and justice for all." Probably "under God," too, depending on what you think God is like...

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