Should all American schools adopt the common core in order to have a standardized education?

  • Yes They Should

    As a parent who plans on moving and has moved to different states with my child, I want him to be able to access the same education regardless of where we go. For this reason I am a supporter of the common core and its goals to standardize education. I think all schools should be working at the same level.

  • Yes, I think they should

    I think when students are younger they should develop a common core,but as they progress in high school, they should be allowed to have free will. I think it is needed in the younger years cause it builds boundries and shows them what is important. It should change in the later years.

  • Common Core for the common good.

    There are so many differences in American schools from state to state. Not to mention even from neighborhood to neighborhood in the same state. With the help of Common Core, we can ensure every child has access to the same basic education. Naturally, conservatives hate this program because it interrupts their indoctrination attempts.

  • I've done common core.

    It's a mess. They had my class be the guinea pigs for the younger kids and it made no sense. The tests could have more than one answer, they tested us on things we never learned , Teachers don't even know how to teach it sometimes and then we're going to be tested on it? Nope.

  • no, I disagree.

    I do think there should be a certain level of acheivement each school should reach across the United States. Federal law is important when it comes to this. But the problem with the common core is that it teaches each student in a specific way, and is not specialized enough.

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