• Yea they should

    Free health care can benifit or help the community alot. It can lower hospital bills decrease bankruptcies and help the pop. We need this to have a health generation and to have this generation become better in the medical field. This will support more women with children and there new borns.

  • That is one other aspect that describes the quality of the country.

    I believe the answer is yes, and that is another aspect if we want to consider United States the greatest country in the world. When we take a look at the world and especially the European countries we see that health care is absolutely free for every on. Although, they pay a lot of taxes, but still the composition of their constitution is based on well being of their societies and eventually ends with the quality improvement of their country. This is why if America should do the same or even better if it wants to be considered the best.

  • Everyone has the right to have affordable health care

    Yes, I thing that all Americans have the right to affordable health care. Other countries have health care for all of its citizens, we seem to be behind the power curve in this instance. When everyone has some type of health care the health issues that may arise when there is no health care can be cut off or handled before they become costly sicknesses.

  • Everyone should have the right to affordable healthcare

    Every American should have the right to affordable health care. It is in everyone's interest that their neighbors be healthy. With the wide availability of affordable health care we can expect everybody's health care cost to plummet. A healthier population is a more productive population. The systems we have had up until now has been illogical and wasteful.

  • Yes They Should

    Health is a vital part of any community and many Americans have went without health care for far too long. I believe health care should be a right and all people should be able to access it. I think the health care field has been commercialized in America and I think the doctors and corporations that run this field have become to greedy. Just because that has been allowed to happen is not an indicator that some people should be left in the streets to die.

  • People do not have the right to healthcare

    People would overuse their health care which is wasteful and might be more prone to take risks. There would be no competition to have low prices because it is government run. Healthcare companies would also raise prices because government has deep pockets. People also do not have the right to force other people to pay for an overpriced service to themselves.

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