• Yes, Businesses should be closed on Marting Luther King Jr. Day

    Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the fore-founders for equal rights. This is something that people should celebrate. Having the racial divide closed was a great step in our history and the citizen's of the United States, should be able to take January 19th to recognize that without this great man who was taken from earth far to early in his life, we would still be in the time of inequality. Drinking from different fountains, riding in a particular area of a bus, voting in different lines all because of the colour of someone's skin! I mean what kind of country would it be if we were still like this? I know racism is still alive and affecting many in the world, but it would have been much worse with Mr.King and others like him.

    Let's take Jan 19 , relax with family and celebrate!

  • Of course they should.

    Martin Luther King was a great person that should be respected. He stopped the extreme racism going on in America. This is truly a thing to celebrate. Also, the people saying No have been talking about how if ALL businesses are closed, there will be chaos. Organizations such as hospitals or the police are often government run and therefore not businesses by definition.

  • They shouldnt be forced to

    I think all businesses should close in remembrance of this man who dies for equality and was a great thinker. I just think its the right thing to do. But they shouldnt be forces to close if they dont want to be closed. I just think everyone should do it.

  • Closing on Martin Luther King day is a matter of respect.

    Businesses close for holidays that give homage to great leaders from the country's past. To not do the same for Martin Luther King day is an affront to King's contributions to making The United States a better place. As it is a federal holiday, businesses should recognize the day and shut down operations.

  • You want Anarchy?

    If all businesses were closed who says everyone will all go back. Electricity wouldn't be on, nor would water. Someone could send a virus and affect all computers and oh all the people who could remove the virus weren't on that day. There could be anarchy. No police officers to stop it. One day is all it takes for anarchy to take over.

  • No, all businesses should not be closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    He is a hero that needs to be remembered and appreciated not just on this particular day but each and everyday by for what he did. This however, does not justify the closing of all businesses. If some businesses closed for a single day it would resort in a lot of inconveniences and even losses in different sectors. For this reason it is better to remember him even without having to close all businesses.

  • MLK day should not be a day of laziness

    MLK day should not be a day of laziness, but in fact a day when people go out and make money and try to succeed. I think we also have too many holidays in the United States. Some are nationally recognized by everyone and only some people observe others. We barely know what to observe anymore.

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