• Yes we need to save our earth

    Yes all cars should be electric because we need to save our Mother Earth and I agree with vegans we should ban cars and replace cars with electric cars ok and yes I think that all cars should absolutely be electric for good ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye

  • They should be all electric

    They should be all electric Think of the consecuenses that fuel powered cars will produde, the greenhouse gases would decreas a lot and if we dont stop this now lot of the eaths land will be sumerged under water, millons would die. So go to hell everyone how is against electric cars.And plus, they are more silent

  • Because Tesla rules

    Tesla is my dream car and its so coool "Tesla, Inc. Is an American company that specializes in electric vehicles, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California. Wikipedia
    Stock price: TSLA (NASDAQ) $297.74 -3.20 (-1.06%)
    Apr 12, 2:39 PM EDT - Disclaimer
    Owner: Elon Musk (20.5%)
    Founded: July 2003, San Carlos, CA
    CEO: Elon Musk
    Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
    Founders: Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, Ian Wright"

  • Climate change is ruining this world.

    Cars play a big part in it, so if they are electric, then climate change will be significantly less. We can make electricity in cleaner ways rather than burn fossil fuels such as using dams, wind power, and sunlight. If this can happen then the world will be a MUCH better place and it will be at normal temperatures once again.

  • More efficient, silent, and less complicated electric vehicles are the future.

    As a mechanic with a masters degree in aeronautical engineereing, I see many vehicles come and go. Nowadays, we're noticing the appearance of more electric/hybrid style vehicles in our shops, but only for a tuning as there is next to no liquids that need to be exchanged unlike a combustion engine. And they aren't dirty as all hell

  • Oil running out

    We need oil there is only 53 years left of oil in the world it will stop conflicts in the future think of the game fallout barely any oil left wars happen and it happend 2067 the same thing will happen if we dont stop using oil powered cars it will save lives

  • Oil is going to run out

    The world estimates there is only 53 years left of oil we have unlimited power Lightning we will have 110 years left of oil if we do this cars are not as important than the world it self it will stop conflict in the future and will be no lives lost

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  • No, electric vehicles do not meet everyone's needs

    While for the urban populace, electric vehicles would be great in the sense of clean, convenient transportation, those who live in the rural parts of the world may not fare as well due to the less range and less capable electric vehicles. For example if you live in a mountainous and/ or snowy area, you are going to possibly want four wheel drive. With the exception of a few special hybrids with gasoline range extenders, there is currently no four wheel drive all electric vehicle. Another electric car setback would be the long charging times to get a full charge, this can take hours while normal fuel filling only takes minutes.
    As for my second point, the source from which the power comes from and the manufacturing processes of the electric car are also to be considered in the amount of pollution produced. You can say you car is clean, but unless you are in an area where alternative forms of energy is produced, you are just putting a load on the power stations, (which could potentially be fossil fuel powered) so the emissions you car is not putting out is just passed to the power station which is likely to be fossil fuel powered.
    My third point is on the misconception that buying an electric vehicle would no longer put you at the mercy of the oil companies. There is no real change in mercy at this point. You are instead paying the electric company instead of the gas station. At least if a gas station is charging you too much, you can at least go to a different gas station that is cheaper. Electric companies are often natrual monopolies and if your electric car is normally charged from home, you have little to no choice but to buy power from the ONE electric company that is servicing your house. In addition to what the normally provide power for such as lights and appliances, you would also be paying them to power your car as well. The gas station is at least a seperate entity so if the power company were to raise rates, the price to run your car would not be effective. Overall, while I do believe electric vehicles would be fine for certain people, such as people who live in large cities, it can be seen that some merits to these cars are actually downfalls. It would be a better choice to implement more biofuels as you can keep the benefits of gas cars, and still cut back on pollution.

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