SHould ALL cars sold in Australia have a warranty attached if they are sold with a Road Worthy Certificate?

Asked by: Danyal7
  • Cars should have a warranty attached if sold with a Roadworthy certificate

    A licensed motor car trader must provide a statutory warranty if the car:
    • Is less than 10 years old, and
    • Has traveled less than 160,000 kilometers.
    The car's age is determined by the date stamped on its build plate, usually found on the firewall between the engine and passenger compartments. A statutory warranty lasts for three months or 5000 kilometers after purchase, whichever occurs first. The trader must repair any faults covered during the warranty period in order to ensure the car is in a reasonable condition for its age. Even after the statutory warranty expires, you still have rights under the Australian Consumer Law that you can rely on if there is a problem with your car. However, the level of protection will depend on things such as the car's age and condition.

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