• Every child should be homeschooled!

    Every child deserves to be homeschooled because students & teachers alike bully & mistreat "diffrent" mentally or phisically diffrent students! Students mentally & phisically bully young people with young minds! This hurts young people and fucks them up for life! With mintal problems,physical problems & emotional problem's! Which can lead to more emotional,spritual,confidance,selfesteam & monitary problems after the schooling is over!
    Additionaly parents who homeschool there children have a better relationship with there children & are in control of there cheldrens nutrition,hydration, posture, phisical fitness,mental health happiness & spirtuality.
    (You have no religious rights in public school)
    (To have religious texts is against the law in school!)
    Kids no matter how big or small have to fit on a bus in a very tight seat & risk getting bullied for mearly sitting alone & keeping to themselfs!
    Public schools teach boring incorrect history!
    Teachers tell studients no & you're wrong all too often! Teachers bully just as much as students! There is and always has been social clicks in school & some don't fit into any!
    Parents often send there poor kids to school when there very very sick! Inorder to get them out of the house & be rid of them for the day!
    The school day is much too long & sitting in cramped doll chairs is dangerous for the students health & some simply don't fit!
    The football teams can suck & most will still show up to watch!
    Also schools are catered to females & do not consist of much hands on learning! They also & finally don't allow boy's to be boy's !

  • Here's a story:

    Once upon a time, a boy names Sam was in high school, but he was homeschooled. Meanwhile, Sarah, a high schooler, was being bullied, falling behind math, stressing about picture day, and letting other people get to her at her public high school. A few years later, Sam and Sarah are adults. They're both married and have kids. Sam got a wonderful job as a doctor due to his face-to-face lessons with his mom. Sam had a wonderful life. Sarah, on the other hand, couldn't get a job due to being to shy to ask for help at her public school. Sarah is miserable. The End!

  • They should be homeschooled

    If kids go to regular school, It is very unlikey to learn anything as it starts early, The more you attend school, The more failure you get, Homeschooling has better teachers, Lots of students have been getting bad grades and complains from their teachers, So kids should be homeschooled instead.

  • Homeschooling is a respectable option.

    It’s down to the characteristics of each family. Some families can do this but others can’t. That being said, homeschooling prevents toxic relationships in the classroom such as bullying and fighting and this forces the child to concentrate because the teacher doesn’t have to deal with so many pupils at the same time. I have found that teachers are sometimes alienated from their pupils but having a parent teach makes the learning experience more tailored to the child.

  • Every family's situation is different.

    Before I explain my stance, I want to say how wonderful homeschooling is. I have been both home-schooled and public-schooled, and I had great experiences with each. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each, but I personally have had the best experience with homeschooling.
    That said, however, not all families are capable of homeschooling their children. For many families, both parents work outside the home and are gone long hours. For such families, I cannot see how they could homeschool.
    In addition to that, it is easier to get into many colleges and universities if you attend public school. For the college-bound student, that may well be the best option.
    There are likely other situations in which it would be best for the children to attend public school. Suffice it to say that for many children, homeschool would be very beneficial, however, not ALL children should homeschool.

  • School Provides the best education!

    Sometimes schools add activities and we need schools because it gives us a chance to be with other students and learn from them and learn how to get along with each other . Sometimes the children's parents need to go to work and can't watch the child all the time . School provides other things such as Art program , gifted program , AVID an more more more! Also when you are homeschooled , you have to buy the books and things and if you are going to have your own teacher then you will have to pay her while in Public schools , you don't need to pay!

  • Try not to do home schooling.

    Well, the children who are home schooled are not exposed to the outside world more. Public schools are the best way for children to make friends. And sure , there are the mean guys, but friends are what is important. Now, this may start to sound cheesy, but it is actually very important.

  • Because in school child learns values

    Child learns values like sharing caring respect to others friendship etching and after all why teachers are there if they will not work in schools how they will earn money and in schools they learn to play they learn to be disciplined and how to become a good human being after all they are in learning stage

  • Not ALL Children

    I grew up homeschooled, and loved it. It was good for me since I could learn on my own when I had to, was responsible enough to handle my work well, and had my parents available to assist me in my schoolwork when I was struggling. However, this was me. Some kids won't always have their parents around to help because their parents work regularly; my mom was a stay-at-home mom, so this was different for me. Other kids aren't responsible enough, and homeschooling would be a problem for them. Still others need, yes need, to be social and around other people every day; these people are mainly extroverts, and being around others is what motivates them and gives them energy to keep going. So while homeschooling has benefits for some kids, other kids would not benefit the same way because each individual is different. (Also, online schooling is not the same as homeschooling, and has a separate set of reasons).

  • Not all children respond to homeschooling the same.

    I believe that not everybody should be homeschooled. Some children need homeschooling due to bullying, trouble focusing in class, or the local schools have not been working out for them. Whatever it is, sometimes the best decision is to homeschool the child. However not all children respond the same to homeschooling. For example, some would find it boring to be alone while doing schoolwork. Some parents cannot stay at home for most of the day and this would be a problem for younger children. Forcing ALL PARENTS to homeschool their kids would be a problem and would impact their education.

  • Homeschooling isn't for every child.

    I have never been home schooled myself, but given the fact that plenty of parents don't care how well a student does in school, can you imagine EVERYONE being home schooled? Yes, kids learn different paces and ways but it's the teacher's job to help them learn however they learn best, otherwise the teacher isn't doing their job correctly.
    Plus, school enforces more responsibility and structure, because at work, bosses don't always let workers do the order, and ask to work with others, do tasks in a certain way, etc, which can be hard to enforce at school.

  • Every child is different.

    I am all for homeschooling, but forcing parents to homeschool their child is a terrible idea. Every child is different, so something that will work for one kid, isn't going to work for another. Also, some parents don't have to time or the ability to homeschool their kids, and thus public school is the best option for them personally. It would be the same as saying every child should go to public schools. Both of those extremes are complete rubbish.

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