• Coding is MUCH more important than boring Shakespeare.

    I know literacy is important, but guess what, English teachers? WE ARE LITERATE! So what if we can't interpret some Romeo and Juliet story. If it wasn't for the fact that it's a "classic", it would actually be banned! It is one of the raciest stories I have ever seen.

    One thing that I do want to do: Program computers. It's a skill that I want to do, but I must wait until college. Why? According to the school system, reading an old dialect of my native language is somehow more important than learning a very useful skill that can actually earn money.

    Ban Shakespeare, teach coding. In fact, REQUIRE coding. It would teach my generation how much work went into those computer apps.

  • Yes, Learning to Code Properly and Early Sets Children Up for Future Success

    Children today live in a digital world. Communication is not as simple as writing a letter, picking up the phone, and talking face to face. The interactive Internet gives many opportunities to obtain and add information that moves like lightning. However, even adults do not understand that what you post in a moment lasts forever in electronic form. Teach them young and give them safe, closed spaces to work. Otherwise, the Internet becomes a magical place full of forbidden fruit. Tasting the forbidden leads to a fall. Teach them to walk before they stumble.

  • Yes. It is a mental workout.

    Though few kids will end up as coders themselves, it is a skill they should learn, just like drawing or math or using hand tools. It provides mental stimulation and encourages logical thinking and problem solving. Coding also requires discipline and patience, and we all know that children need practice on that front, especially in an era of attention deficit disorder.

  • They Should Have The Minimum Skills

    We should start teaching our children computer skills in school. Coding and programming will be such a huge part of almost all industries in the near future. We should give our students at least the basic skills they need. If they enjoy it, they can have the option of taking more advanced classes.

  • No, They Should Not

    There are few things in education that should be mandated upon our children. One of these things is coding. There is no reasonable explanation as for why we should expect all children to know how to code. Everyone is better suited for certain tasks, so some children will struggle immensely with coding.

  • Coding as a new language

    Learning to code is the same as learning a new language skill and is one of the fastest growing occupations.Just like learning a new language or riding a bike it is best to start learning how to code in the early years.Everyone should learn how to code ,because it teaches you how to think.

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TheInterlang says2013-12-07T04:53:22.600
I assume this is about computer code.