Should all children receive a trophy or medal in sporting events even if they lose?

  • Yes, It lets them know that winning or losing isn't the important thing, but it is a part of life.

    I will agree to this as long as the people in the top 3 places get bigger trophies and they are acknowledged as the winners. Sports don't always have to be about life lessons or winning and losing. Sometimes we do sports just to have fun. The trophies can build confidence for kids and encourages them to try other events because children often don't participate due to the fear of losing.

  • Pride within kids

    Gives the children a chance to feel real achievement. If they do end up losing or coming in a last place position let it boost there confidence. Dont allow them to grow up thinking that everyone is a winner they will not have the metal ability to go out and get what they want.

  • I say yes because people do this for pashion not just for a trophy

    No one should play a sport just for a trophy and i dont think people are i think there playing out of pashion. I think if there playing out of pashion they should get a trophy its only fare!!! To not give a little kid a trophy is horrible. All kids should get trophys

  • Yes I think

    I think all children deserves a trophy because some kids will thing that's not fair they did work and wasted there money or time for nothing. Some kids might think that's being bulled because me personal that's not fair and that's also bulling. If that was my child I would be sad and also mad because even if they lose they still deserve an participation trophy or something

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes, if they're young.

    Yes, I think that all children should receive a trophy or medal in sporting events even if they lose, but only up until a certain age (maybe 10 years old). The losing children should receive some sort of small trophy or medal so that they don't end up as upset as they would be otherwise.

  • Yes they should

    They should until at least a certain age like one of these people said, you don't want to see a kid or your kid cry because they lost. At least try to make a kid happy. It would be horrible to see that, at least till a certain age, like maybe 10, because after all, this is a competition.

  • Yes, because they probably paid a registration fee

    Organized youth sports are a big business. For the most part, its not free to participate so why should one child get more for his/her parent's money than another? Furthermore, why do we have organized youth sports, to teach teamwork perhaps? When you give trophies or awards to some kids just because they may have developed sooner or have some natural athletic talent over other kids their age you run the risk of making the child arrogant. Sure, fine, little Johnny is good at hitting a ball with a stick, woop-de-doo, in the adult world unless you are one of a couple hundred steroid-addled major league players that doesn't get you a heck of alot. Yet, when I was growing up the kids who did really well at Little League or youth sports entered high school thinking they were just the you-know-what and then most of them get lousy grades and ended up smoking dope with the losers. They weren't so special after all. In fact, perhaps organized youth sports should be done away with entirely and just let kids go out and play and use their imaginations and be creative.

  • Yes, if they're young.

    Yes, I think that all children should receive a trophy or medal in sporting events even if they lose, but only up until a certain age (maybe 10 years old). The losing children should receive some sort of small trophy or medal so that they don't end up as upset as they would be otherwise.

  • Only the Young Ones

    As kids get older they need to learn that not everything will just be handed to them. If there is a team they goof of at practice, They mess around, They don´t follow their coach's advice etc. If they get a trophy they will be being taught that they don´t have to put forth their best effort. However little kids that don´t any better should get a medal no matter what place they get then 1st place gets a huge trophy, 2nd place a smaller trophy, Etc.

  • They should receive a participation award for trying their hardest

    Everyone should receive a participation award because it’s not always easy playing a sport, even if you aren’t playing to win. However the winners of whatever sport they were playing should receive a bigger award for practicing as hard as they could and winning. That is why I think everyone should receive an award.

  • Kids shouldn't recieve a medal if they lose.

    If we give them a medal when they lose it would be a big mistake. Some of the kids don't care so they put the minimum amount of effort and they laugh about their naughtiness. If we give them a medal they wouldn't improve, this act would just encourage them to make no improvement and act badly. Usually sport events are about being fit, not about who is better. If we give the medal to the kids that don't put much effort, then don't lose as much weight as they should, it would just encourage them to stay obese or become obese and that would be a big problem.

  • No, children should not receive a trophy or medal if they lose.

    Children should begin to be taught from an early age that the world has winners and losers. Trying as hard as they can is optimal and to be respected, but it does not mean they should be rewarded for doing so. Only the best in a sporting event should be acknowledged be a trophy or medal. This way children can learn that applying their hard work to their ability over a period of time will enable them to compete to be the best.

  • No, because valence is subjective

    Giving even the losers trophies teaches children that: We're giving even the losers trophies because we don't want them to feel bad, because if you are rejected by other people in favor of other people you MUST feel bad. We send so many messages in the media and in parenting (even while giving children contradictory messages about being themselves and not caring what other people think) that there are certain things that must feel good and must feel bad. That is the real crime. Good and bad feelings are not essential, they are subjective. If I don't give a damn about getting a medal then that's fine for me and nobody should be lecturing me hard as though it were something of objective importance. We should teach our children the truth that they can care or not care about what ever they please and consider any experience they have to be good or bad or neither or a mix of both and teach them the basic material facts of the world so they can in accord with what ever it is they choose determine their path.

  • The "no winners, no losers" culture we're creating is harmful to kids.

    Children today have an over-inflated "self esteem" that makes them believe they should be rewarded for even the most mundane of tasks. And by rewarding every participant in an activity, you take any feeling of accomplishment from those who DO excel, or any motivation to do so. This is exemplified in the trophies for everyone/kindergarten graduation ceremony/everyone is special philosophy in our schools today.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Because if everyone gets medals it might feel like they haven't achieved much because everyone else around them got rewarded as well but if its just you and a couple others who get medals then you feel like you have achieved a lot and you have worked hard for what you have got you shouldn't jus6 be handed something

  • No no no

    No because it encourages people to not do their best. If you lose, you lose, so try harder next time. If you win, you win. Period. Not everyone is a winner in life, and that's just how it is. If you're younger, I get it, and maybe you do, but as you get older, you need to learn to cope with the sadness of losing and to get used to the real world, where life isn't fair.

  • Why get trophies for not showing up

    If some kids show up all the time and work hard and try their best every time they go out on that field and some kids miss practices why should they get the same thing as someone who doesn't show up what is the point of showing up working hard when you get the same exact thing as when you don't work hard

  • Winners Deserve the award

    In school kids don't get awards for getting an F on a test, so why should they in sports? I know that sounds harsh, but shouldn't the winners get something special for winning? Once they get older the participation award is known to be given to everyone, and it becomes less special.

  • I think no

    I think every person should not get a trophy because that makes people try harder you gotta want it to get a trophy have to go to pratice training they got to want to win the season they ant just go to the game and not try they have to want to win the games

  • You don’t always get a metal for everything.

    You shouldn’t get a medal or trophy if you lose because you need to learn the right from wrong and you need to accept if you lose and still be positive and know that you tried your hardest to succeed but you should know that you lead your team this far and your strong. If you get the children a medal they will still feel bad because it would just be a participant reward and they won’t really care for that.

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