Should all children receive free nursery education provided by the State?

  • It is Essential

    It is essential, and yet not all families can afford it. It's a steep price to pay but parent(s) have to pay it because they have to work. That or they leave them with their families, and I'm not saying that that's a bad thing. They have to do what they can afford and it is all they can do. But, this is where our government should be helping parents because these kids need those first essential steps, and it's not fair that they can't get them.

  • educations gets people good jobs therefor the country will develop dramatically!

    Everyone should receive good education, as people who can't afford will suffer and equality is important. Also if there are more educated children more likely they would be able to get a well paid job which means more money for the country to help develop. Education is very important since it will help you get far in life.

  • The early years of a child's life are those in which they formulate their learning style and absorb the most information, and educated children make for better educated adults who contribute more to society.

    Evidence has shown that children who lack education are more likely to be a burden to the state and its citizens, later in life. Uneducated children are more likely to grow up to commit petty and serious crimes, less likely to be gainfully employed, and more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. All of those consequences are a burden to society and the lifelong cost of supporting each criminal in prison is greater than that of providing early education. It is to a society's benefit to have an educated population. Educated citizens are more likely to be gainfully employed, in good health, and to be productively involved with their communities.

    Posted by: HurtHeath52
  • Yes, I agree that there should be free nursery school, just like there is in many other countries.

    Yes, free nursery school would be great, if given out by the state or even the federal government. Parents need to work, and the rising cost of day care is crippling families. It doesn't even make sense anymore for both parents to work, because one whole salary would go to the schools.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • I believe that all children should receive a free nursery school education, because access to quality education should be the right of all children.

    I believe that, in our society, all people should have access to a quality education, not just children of the wealthy. By guaranteeing a free, high quality, nursery school program for everyone, we allow all children, rich and poor, a more equal start on their educational journey. Poor children already have too many disadvantages when it comes to education. We have a moral obligation to ensure that they at least get off to a good start, in a free nursery school program.

    Posted by: EvanescentManual37
  • I think they should, because better early education leads to more job opportunities.

    Unemployment is one the biggest issues in our country, and always has been. Which the government supports via welfare and unemployment programs, hurting the economy. The best way to counter unemployment is to be as educated of a job force as possible. Making the choice to make education as accessible for everyone as possible saves money in the long run, as people have more job opportunities open to them.

    Posted by: SloppyRaphael88
  • I agree that children should receive free nursery education because these early ages are crucial learning times.

    During the first few years of a child's development, the brain is like a sponge. They learn and grasp new information very quickly. Unfortunately, not all parents could afford to send their little children to nursery and some are left neglected. Attending a free nursery would be very beneficial to them as they get to learn a lot through interaction.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • Children should all receive free nursery education provided by the State because we are all paying taxes to the government.

    Our taxes go towards public school, so they should all go toward nursery education. Most families these days have two working parents and nursery care is an important need that not everyone can afford.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • Education should be given free to all

    Yes, I agree that free nursery education should be provided by the State to all children. It enhances their learning power and increases their vocabulary. Children are the future of every society and country so when we make the foundation strong the future will automatically be bright. Young minds should be nurtured in a good way.

    Posted by: CI3Hate
  • Children should all receive early childhood education provided free by the state, this levels the playing field between those who can afford early childhood education and those who can't.

    Children with no prior experience with education suffer when they enter kindergarten. They are behind and lack much of the knowledge that other children have. Studies have shown that early education can mean a life time of success so lets do that for our children- give them a good head start in life with state provided education.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • In my opinion state SHOULD NOT provide nursery education.

    Nursery education is not as important as the secondary education. Parents can either teach their children on their own if they can't afford it or else they can send their children to school. If the state wants to provide children with education, then they should give public secondary education as it will help the children more.

  • Since the public schools fail to provide full education during the standard 13 years, there's no reason to expand it.

    While spending per child has doubled since 1960, even accounting for inflation, student test scores have remained flat. High school graduation rates are manipulated to avoid admitting that 20% of American born students never finish. Schools, despite their massive funding, graduate functionally illiterate students. A third of college students require remedial courses to have the necessary skills to attend a college freshman course. Given this overwhelming failure, free nursery education provided by the state would quickly devolve into the same low standards as public K-12 schools. And, when mixed with the corrosive ethos of teachers' unions, when teachers that harm neglect and molest children cannot be fired immediately, children in "free" nursery care will suffer. We cannot create nursery school provided by the state, simply for the sake of the children.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Early childhood education should be in the hands of the parents and the state should only support it.

    We already have enough government programs to overflow our economy and drive our national debt sky high. The last thing we need is to take another thing that parents should be providing to their children, the basics of early childhood education, and foisting it upon an already overly large and overly taxed government. Let's take some responsibility for our own children's early education and leave the state out of it.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • i think no

    well its not going to be fair everyone because some people are poor and they have to pay this tax. in my opinion i think there shouldn't be free kids nursery by this state

  • I oppose free nursery education provided by the State because it encourages irresponsibility on the part of the parents.

    People today seem to want somebody else to pay for everything. If a person can not afford to raise a child, she should avoid becoming pregnant. The State has so many other important things to take care of such as infrastructure, crime, and housing. Taxes would have to be increased and those without young children would unfairly bear much of the cost. All citizens need to take care of their own expenses and live within their means.

    Posted by: TownWett
  • This issue would only raise taxes and I would be against it.

    In order for any state to provide child nursery care, taxes would have to be raised to provide those services. Noone wants to have any taxes raised. The American worker is already taxed enough. Most people have private care or they rely on a family member to help take care of their children while they are at work. And for the state to incorporate such a measure everyone would have to pay the tax equally. It would not be fair for those people who have private care to have to pay taxes for a service that they would never use.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • No, the state should not have the burden of providing an education to young children.

    Nurseries are a great idea for companies that employ mothers. It can be a nice way to let the moms be close to their little ones but still be employed outside the home. I don't think it should be the burden of the state to provide this to children, though. If women have to have their child in nursery school and their employer doesn't provide this service, it's a shame, but it isn't the responsibility of the government to pay for it. A mother can stay at home until her child is of the age where he/she can go to a school that is free.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I don't think that nursery education should be provided free by the state

    Our country does not have the available funds that would be required to fund a free state run nursery system. This idea would be extremely expensive. If possible, I believe nursery age children will do better if given loving care from a parent of family member.

    Posted by: Ch0tHuman
  • I don't think that the states should provide public nursery school; it would cost the tax payers too much money.

    The states already fund the public school system from our tax dollars. Not all residents have children and they still must pay for the schools. Adding state nursery schools would add to the school systems bill and ultimately the tax payers would pay for it.
    Also, I believe it is better for little kids to have smaller class sizes. It would be very hard to properly monitor the staff required for early childhood care. Not to mention the diaper changing and proper sanitation needed to maintain a healthy environment for babies. There just is not enough money in the state budget to cover all that is needed to properly fund nursery schools.

    Posted by: jegersikker

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