Should all college students be required to do volunteer work as part of their graduation requirement?

  • Students should learn to give back to the community

    Students should learn to give back. Besides being productive persons in society, they should become philanthropists as well. If everyone gave back, we wouldn't have the problems of today.
    Colleges should not take in students who do not care to give back., who are in it for themselves.
    Volunteering is a important activity and must be required.

  • Not unless it's directly related to the student's chosen field of study of vocation

    We need to keep the roll of educational institutions realistic. Schools, colleges, and universities have the purpose of educating students in preparation to work in their chosen profession, and should focus on achieving that goal.

    Our society continues to place more and more burdens on our already failing and overloaded educational system to not only teach students the three R's, but to do more and more to turn out "good citizens." This is a recipe for failure, as is already apparent.

    The rearing of good citizens is a shared responsibility among not only schools, but also other institutions of society such as families, religious and spiritual institutions, and local communities. We continue to ignore the fact that some of those other institutions are failing, and rather than try to fix them, we just keep piling more and more responsibility onto the educational system. It's not fair to overworked teachers and instructors, and it's certainly not fair to students.

  • They should not

    I don't believe they should have to do volunteer work, unless it is directly related to what the college student is majoring or minoring in. There's simply too many majors in which volunteer work has no relevance to, making the requirement simply pointless and a waste of the students time.

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