• All companies should be required to give parents paid leave.

    All companies should be required to give parents paid leave. While I understand the company nor the coworkers had a say in the employees choice to have a family or not, the fact is that families are central to our society and are an unavoidable fact. And if a company wants to attract smart and skilled employees, they must treat those employees with respect, including when it comes to their family responsibilities.

  • Parental leave is essential

    Both mothers and fathers need to be able to take time off of work to take care of their children. There should be some type of option for them to take paid leave as needed, ensuring that they don't suffer financially while trying to care for their kids. Of course, there needs to be rules and limits on this, but I think its a great idea overall.

  • Absolutely, without question

    Paid parental leave is something all companies should be mandated to do. It's good for them in the long run! After all, these corporations subsist on underpaying people, and they're going to need a new supply of human workers to keep them going and making billions of dollars or more until the end of time. It's a win for everyone!

  • Children are not the companies responsibility

    In no way, shape or form do I believe that it is the duty of any company to pay for the choice to have children that some people make. This is especially true in a world where people are slowly realising that overpopulation is a huge, looming issue - we are not desperate for more children!

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