Should all Confederate symbols and flags be banned and the distorted Southern version of the Civil War be outlawed?

  • Allowing any Confederate symbols to be publicly displayed promotes racism and hate while allowing teachers to teach a distorted version should be banned

    All arguments for the displaying of any Confederate symbol is that it is for "Southern heritage" is sickening, if your heritage involves men, women, and children to be treated horrifically and to be killed like animals is your heritage then you should show no pride in it and you should instead show hate for it. And to see some southerners say that slavery actually gave the African American a good life should take a look at this photo: http://yeyeolade.Files.Wordpress.Com/2011/02/gordon_lg.Jpg

    To even hear any distorted version of the Civil War just sends gleams of anger down my spine. This widespread version of history is all because of the indoctrination of the Southern "Anti-Northern agenda" Many things like "Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant" to "The North started the War hence its the "War of Northern Aggression" even to "General William Tecumseh Sherman was a terrorist" shows the blind teaching of history in the South. None of the historical facts are being taught to children, some I see are praising a despicable man, John Wilkes Booth this alone should cause this version of history to be banned. But as we sit idle allowing this mass indoctrination to take place in a region in our country, we could take up the fight against a huge reason of racism in America.

  • No individual right to free speech guaranteed by the 1st 10th or 14th amendment

    Treason has been unlawful in every society throughout history. In much of the civilized world, treasonous acts, such as opposition to the legitimacy of the State that one is to, still merits the ultimate punishment. It is a perverse notion that a civilized society ought to allow the continued existence of a cancerous subculture that has festered for generations, and is the cause of perennial hatred and ethnic unrest, be allowed to poison the minds of future generations. It is meaningless to execute traitors and ostracise and punish racism, and yet allow treasonous and racist thought and speech. Incitement of civil unrest is not "freedom of expression" it is sedition, and ought to be appropriate punished to the full extent under the laws that apply to traitors.

    The current U.S. Constitution has no textual basis that would prohibit such an application or extension of existing penal codes to prohibit the possession, advocacy and dissemination of hateful and subversive material. The 1st Amendment was never intended nor has the necessary language to apply to the protection of certain "speech" by individual non-State entities, nor does the 14th amendment contain any textual basis for the extension of certain rights established in other Constitutional provisions. Such a ban, if properly implemented would pass the highest constitutional muster, and would receive little public opposition, as any who would oppose such a measure would be open to prosecution under the former.

  • All Confederate symbols should be outlawed

    The United States of America is a sovereign nation, and all citizens pledge their allegiance to the Flag that represents it. Allowing another flag to represent the ideas of the citizens is treason and the fact the Confederate states do longer exist, any items that resemble it should leave as well. The Confederate flag is just as much an act of terror as 9/11, because the flag embodies ideology that defies those of the United States of America.

    The Confederate flag flying in America, is the same as the Mexican flag swaying on top of the state houses of California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah all of which were apart of Mexico until the defeat by US troops. The same goes for the French flag being waved at the capitals of all land acquired by Thomas Jefferson during the Louisiana Purchase.

  • Not About Agendas

    There is only one proper history - the true history of dates, events, causes and reasons which are there for all to see if they care to. There is no place for Lost Cause history, equally there is no place for a airbrushed history to hide an evil South and also no place for revisionist agendas. The causes and reasons for the war were many and complex and I think of it as a wagon wheel, with the hub as the war, the spokes as the many causes and reasons leading to the war. The tyre/rim was the continuing legal existence of slavery which touched and influenced every reason but was not the main cause. War is ugly, however you look at it, especially civil war. The effect and scale of loss was traumatic, especially for the Southern states who lost most and suffered most. I believe most re-enactors do it as a hobby to increase their understanding of past events and remember those who took part on both sides. Re-enactors living in Southern states don’t just dress as Confederates, many are in Union units. Likewise many re-enactors in the North dress as Confederates, not only as Union soldiers. During some events, some change sides if the numbers are short on one side that day. History is history, it must not be airbrushed and it is a disgrace to try to hide it away because it doesn’t suit a modern agenda which hates the inconvenience of factual complexities. The flags and statues ? Well, put them in museums but also take down Abraham Lincoln’s statues – he was married into a slaveholding family from Kentucky.

  • Question is skewed.

    The civil war is part of the history of the United States. Banning symbols and opinions is plain and simple censorship. We now have a film critic advocating banning "Gone with the Wind". What's next, banning civil war reenactments? When will it stop? Enough with the torch and pitchfork outrage.

  • Question is skewed.

    The civil war is part of the history of the United States. Banning symbols and opinions is plain and simple censorship. We now have a film critic advocating banning "Gone with the Wind". What's next, banning civil war reenactments? When will it stop? Enough with the torch and pitchfork outrage.

  • Just because others have a different opinion than you, that doesn't mean they don't have a right to it.

    The constitution guarantees the freedom of speech. It doesn't put any disclaimer in there about there being an exception for speech that others may disagree with or find offensive or ridiculous. While certain speech may need to be banned in public buildings or other areas where it could cause disruption, it would be unconstitutional to put a blanket ban on speech and personal opinions.

    It's possible to make nearly any expression out to be racist if you want to. Barack Obama considers himself African American so if I put a "NObama" sticker on my car, am I racist?

  • Freedom of expression

    Our country was founded on the basis of freedom. The civil war was fought for that very reason. To turn around and now say that people can't express their views on a flag as they choose? That's unamerican. We don't have to like what people say, but we will defend their right to say it!

  • No it should not

    Neo-confederates are incorrect when they assert that the North was the aggressor; the aggressor was clearly the South, because they threatened to secede if they lost the elections, seceded when they lost the election, and then proceeded to attack a US military base (Fort Sumner). If you consider the South a separate country at that point, they attacked a sovereign country - an act of war. If you consider them still part of the US, they committed an act of rebellion against the US. It is a lose-lose either way.

    On the other hand, the Confederate flag is a powerful symbol of Southern pride. Contrary to popular belief, not all Confederates were evil - Robert E. Lee only joined because the alternative, leading the US army, would require him to attack his beloved state of Virginia. The Confederate flag does not represent racism, but rather the unique bond between southern states and the southern people. Many bad things have been done have been done under the US flag as well.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Respect the Opinions of Others. Also, too difficult to implement.

    Many people in the United States are allowed to express their opinions, whatever these opinions may be, via the freedoms of speech and expression. It would be unconstitutional to ban any people who displayed their opinion or openly showed Confederate symbols, and it would cause an enormous scandal. Secondly, the law would be an enormous pain to execute and handle. For example, would it apply to movies and games? Civil war reenactments? Would school projects involving the confederates be considered "Southern" education? The confederate flag is also sometimes woven into other symbols such as the flag of Mississippi. We would have to draw too many arbitrary lines, and it is quite possible the law would have no teeth, since hanging a confederate flag would probably merit an extremely low fine, a slap on the wrist. I see no reason to pass a law that violates an amendment, wouldnt work, and attempts to ban something so widely diffused into American culture.

  • On the grounds of the rights of man.

    By no means would it be constitutional for a Federal agency or otherwise to bar an individual from flying or possessing any Southern symbol, regardless of intent. Let it be noted that the intent of this topic is to discuss limitation of American Civil Liberties, and nothing more, by a user who has no knowledge of the Constitution of the United States of America, what it stands for, or the history of the American Civil War, and has repeatedly disqualified himself in his own argument.

    A resounding "NO" is necessary on this topic, as the American Flag is the banner of this topic, therefore, the American Constitution OBVIOUSLY applies.

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