Should all convicted rape cases result in life sentencing without any parole?

Asked by: yungstirjoey666
  • Yes but only on provable cases

    Cases that have no witnesses or evidence or are missing a DNA test should not be automatic sentences. There is a risk for innocent people going to jail and the lack of evidence that sent people who were not even there is astounding.
    Provable ones with video evidence should be instant sentences.

  • Lock these scumbags out

    Rapists and pedophiles have no point in society. They cannot be rehabilitated; they lost their humanity the moment they start taking advantage of others. These savages must be kept away from the people. Additionally, White privilege, Specifically white female privilege, Will no longer play a role. Brock Turner gets only three months. If he was black, They wouldn't let him out easily (as it should be for everyone).

  • No Person Should Live Their Life In Prison

    Rape is a TERRIBLE crime. It is violent and traumatic for the survivor. There should be a punishment for the rapist, But life sentences for anything is going overboard. What is the point in them living their days in prison? Is it so the survivor can have revenge? Is it so that they are simply not on the streets? Why not just kill them? I don’t agree with capital punishment or life sentencing. I think that even people who have committed crimes deserve their own lives. Who are we to take that from them? I believe more in rehabilitation and adjustment back into society so that they can be safe and functioning human beings like the rest of us.

    I acknowledge that this is a difficult process and doesn’t always work the way we want it. But I think that denying someone the right to live simply for a crime is a flaw in our government. Something should be done to keep the rest of society safe, But even the perpetrator counts and should be treated as a human being. I am not saying that there should be nothing done. I don’t have all the answers. But a life in prison is too much for anybody. Even if you can’t see yourself committing a crime, Imagine if you were denied the right to ever live in the outside world and were forced to throw all your dreams away for one act, No matter how terrible.

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