• Religion causes more problems than it solves.

    Throughout history and including modern times, religion has been a contributing factor in conflict. These conflicts are due to national interests being confused with religious interests. Iraq still has tribal conflicts between the Sunni and Shi'a. One region does not allow the practice of another, and this creates animosity. Allowing for religious freedom removes this animosity through government enforcement of religious freedom.

  • It is a human right.

    Yes, all countries should have religious freedom, because religious freedom is one the most basic of human rights. A person cannot be truly freely without it. To survive, a person needs air, water, shelter, food, and their right to believe in God and practice their religion. There is no reason for a government to fail its people in that regard.

  • Countries religous freedom

    I think that all countries should have religious freedom because you cant make a person believe you can only make them pretend, if i don't believe in something it will not change my mind no matter what. You can't read my thoughts so therefore you dont know if im a true believer

  • Yes, all countries should have religious freedom.

    All countries should have religious freedom. Citizens of any country shouldn't have to be made to only adhere to a particular religion or any religion at all. I think people should have the right to choose what they want to believe in and now worry that they might be breaking the law in their nation.

  • Yes every single one

    At the moment we do not currently have this in countries like Afghanstian, Saudi Aarabia and Pakistian where religious rights are completely taken away and they can't even choose their faith without risk of death penalty. This NEEDS to change.

    Without freedom of religion people can be stressed or hurt.

  • All countries should be free

    All countries should have religious freedom because that is what all humans desire. Most of the countries of the world do not have religious freedom. This is because the leaders of those countries do not want their citizens to have religious freedom. That freedom would endanger their hold on the citizens.

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