Should all couples have the right to infertility treatments?

Asked by: billyredwood
  • I think everyone has the right for fertility treatment.

    Why actually not? If you suffer from infertility you can be treated if it's possible in your case. But I think there is no cases where it's impossible. If nothing works you may adopt a baby. Everything depends on what one wants... And what is able to afford. I'm not saying it should be for free but it should be for everyone.

  • It shouldn't be

    I suppose only infertile couples should have this right. Honestly, I do not understand when a healthy woman, with no health conditions applies for fertility treatment. She just doesn’t want to bear a baby because she afraid to get fatty or something.
    We came up to the fertility treatment a few months ago because I couldn't get pregnant by myself. My clinic told that they accept only infertile couples what made happy. I understood we were at the right place. That people would help for sure, they don't want to make money they want to see satisfied parents.
    There is no absolute infertility - told my manager

  • Honestly, I don't think so.

    Infertility treatments are not a human right, therefore they shouldn't be given out for free. Infertility treatments take time and money to perform, therefore doctors and specialists shouldn't be obligated to do the work for free. Furthermore, cancer treatment usually saves lives, but people still have to pay for it. Saving lives costs money, but creating lives does as well. Orphanages are already overflowing, if someone really was that into having a child, they should harness their paternal/maternal instincts to adopting a child instead. Also, if you can't support the process of infertility treatments, how do you plan to support the child's first year of life? It costs nearly a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child in America until they're eighteen. If you can't pay the ten thousand for the treatment, you most likely aren't able to raise the child afterwards.

  • Medical procedures are not a right.

    Doctors provide goods or services, just like restaurants and grocery stores. Something should be given to them in return for the goods or services. (before anyone protests about life-saving treatments, realize there are charities that will donate money or do these sorts of procedures.)

    Also, if someone needs money for infertility treatment, I would wonder if they had enough money to support children.

  • It should not be a right.

    If you have money and a doctors office is willing to give it to you, sure. It should not be a protected right that it be provided to you, or even that all places should have to offer it. They should be allowed to be as selective as their wallets will allow for.

    Money talks.

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