• It is an excellent learning experience.

    Have these sorts of discussions before you get married, and it will help you during your marriage. This isn't just a tool for getting divorced, but it's a tool to help each of you understand where the other person stands, and to have it put in writing.

    Also, every day I drive my car without ever expecting to get into an accident, whether it be my fault or my own. Yet, I always wear a seatbelt. I have insurance, but I don't expect to get ill. No one ever sets out to divorce when they get married (at least I hope not). Why make difficult decisions of how to split things up during an already emotional time? Make the decision before-hand

  • It's better to be careful.

    I don't think that there really is anything to be lost by going the route of a prenuptial agreement. If nothing else it keeps both parties protected in the event that their marriage does not work out. It is not the most romantic thing to do, but there's nothing wrong with being careful.

  • You should be able to trust.

    This is a tricky subject as it could be to do with the post modern idea of choice and freedom. However I see it in a different way. Surely if you are going to be committed to this person you are going to trust them. If my boyfriend said to me 'we are going to get a Prenuptual Agreement' I would be really offended and start to question the amount of trust he has for me, and I'm sure that if I said 'we should get one' he would also be offended. If you are committed and dedicated to someone you need to trust them.

  • No all couples should not sign prenuptial agreements, it a matter of personal choice.

    The signing of prenuptial agreement is a matter of personal choice between two people. If either party feels they need the protection offered by the agreement then by all means is should be put into place. However if the couple is comfortable with their abilities to communicate and resolve conflict then the agreement is not needed.

  • No, all couples should not have to sign prenuptial agreements.

    Prenuptial agreements are best for situations where there is a great deal of wealth and assets involved. Ordinary people with ordinary money don't need to go through signing a prenuptial agreement. It would be a waste of their time and other people's time as well. There is no need to over-complicate the issue.

  • No, not all couples.

    I do not believe that all couples should sign prenuptial agreements because not all the couples have the same agreements within the home. For instance, if the man is the bread winner and the woman is staying at home and taking care of the kids, then the agreement would favor the male within the home,which would not be fair within this circumstance. The individual that is staying at home with the kids is doing this because no one else is available and babysitting is too much. This means that the prenuptial agreement would take away from this individuals hard work only because they do not get a pay check at the end of the week for their hard work.

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