Should all daycares be legally required to have cameras?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Child Abuse in South Korea

    Currently in South Korea, there are lots of child abuse going on and is becoming a big problem. To prevent child abuse, I think the best way is using the surveillance cameras. Having more CCTVs will make the parents comfortable because, these days, the technology has improved and so, the parents can see whats happening in the day care anytime using LTE.

  • Kids being tortured, violated, treated horribly.

    You would want to know what these daycare workers do behind your back. You would want to see if you child is being treated fairly. A lot of parents don't care about there children. They just need a daycare so they won't lose their jobs. Poor children being force feed, tapped to chairs, abused, embarrassed, set out to make your child have low self esteem. The children need out help to see and realize because the children cannot speak for themselves. Please make cameras legal in all daycares expensive or cheap. It is necessary

  • There is no need for a legal requirement

    The free market does one thing very well and that is discover what people want and need and how much they are willing to pay for it. Cameras are an expense. Maybe they aren't a big expense, but it may force a daycare to raise its price for service or to close shop. If cameras are ever present, criminals will commit crime out of view of the cameras. Furthermore, there are other potential alternatives, like having all daycare employees bonded.

    Don't get me wrong. I am for cameras in daycare. I think it is a good idea for all daycares to have them. But I think it should be left as an opportunity for daycares to compete for business by installing cameras and for parents to choose a daycare based on cameras, as well as price, curriculum, convenience, and any other criteria they care to use. Let the market, not the government, decide if any or all daycares should install cameras.

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