• Responsibility vs Legality

    Maybe not a popular opinion, but I think that people just need to learn to be responsible for their health and that outlawing a product just allows criminals and crime syndicates to have a monopoly over that product. A person doesn't have to consume a product just because it's legal to do so.

    Posted by: NPd
  • No, some drugs are not safe enough

    While I'm okay with most drugs being legalized, not all drugs should be. Meth, heroin, LSD and most of the newer drugs with a short track record should not be legalized, but criminal charges should be reduced. Also I believe legalized drugs should come into effect slow with regulation at the beginning, to allow any drug hype to die down as a Canadian who does pot regularly in moderation for recreation, I have to say Colorado seems to be overdoing it putting pot on/in everything they can consume or smoke, it wouldn't be as pretty with some other drugs. Then again look at the effects of alcohol and deaths directly or indirectly related to that daily.

  • Umm..... Hell yes

    I want to see the decriminalization/legalization of all drugs, but I do not care for regulation of it. I do not want our federal government to control currently illegal narcotics, because that will put more money into their hands, and they're already controlling us with the tobacco industry that we should not afford having to deal with more of that control.

    State dispensaries and independent businesses should be able to control what they sell and how much they sell it for, as that will created more controlled distribution, and the violence involved with drug cartels will be removed.

    Now with rights and legalization comes responsibility. That being said, allow states to open 'safe-use' facilities that are monitored and can allow for people to use these drugs and have their sober up before leaving. Like alcohol, we also should still make sure that people are safe about it and don't drive or operate machinery while high.

    Ultimately, it should be the right of a person to put into their body what they want, whether it be drugs or junk food, as long as they are not causing harm to another person.

    Oh, and make the minimum drug use age 18, not 21 like they are doing for marijuana purchasers in states that legalized it.

  • Individual Freedom Requires It

    It is laughable to pretend to live in a free country when one cannot even decide what substances to consume by themselves in their own homes. It is not ethical to murder people merely because they use drugs. Nor is it ethical to kidnap them. Even if the kidnappers wear police uniforms and call their kidnapping an arrest.

  • Legalization for some, Decriminalization for all.

    Frankly anyone who is using a drug privately and not causing anyone direct harm shouldn't automatically go to jail. Most of the drug offenders on harder jugs like meth and heroin, don't deserve to go to jail for drugs they are addicted to, they have a problem and need treatment, not to be treated like a criminal. I would support the decriminalization of all drugs, and what you do to your own body shouldn't be anyone else's concern. Legalization is different. We need to come together and say to ourselves that some drugs are not as dangerous as we thought, and that we could regulate and tax them like what Colorado, Washington, and Uruguay are doing. Obviously other drugs (Meth, Heroin, Cocaine) probably shouldn't see legalization.

  • Gets rid of cartels and gangs.

    The drug problem we have now is nothing more than a redo of the prohibition we had on alcohol in the 20s. It's looks and functions almost the same way. The public didn't like something, made it illegal, people still wanted it, so they formed gangs and made their own and imported it and crime went up. Once booze was made legal again, crime went down. Any drug can be monitored, regulated and taxed the same way booze can. And if they did become legal, crime would decrease, especially gang violence.

  • The country will suffer from it.

    Many of the Illegal drugs cause nothing but harm to the individuals using it. With the exception of maybe Marijuana the use of illegal narcotic agents causes self harm, not just from side effects from use of the drugs but actual self inflicting harm ( I.E. cutting and scratching yourself). Also addiction and lack of motivation caused from the use of drugs causes crime.

  • Shock therapy v.S innocent people affected.

    This makes me think of Jon Basso, the founder of Heart Attack Grill in Vegas, Nevada. Im sure this would give everyone the freedom and real responsibility for the average joe but maybe not a psychopath or someone with anger management problems. What about the innocent people that are hurt or killed because of this new freedom. Sure, by a gun and lock your doors, but the world would be very different. I will not go any further, but MAYBE yes if the discipline for a felony ON any drug should be death. In some ways I agree with NPd. Thoughts? (This should be a debate, not a pole IMO)

  • No they are bad!!

    I disagree with ALL drug use for all people especially MINORS and CHILDREN!!! I HATE the neoliberal/libertarian/drug republican agenda and RON PAUL TOO!! The ECONOMY needs to BE CHANGED and obama created jobs but YOU are the PEOPLE who are TOO DRUGGED UP to work and STOP RUINING your lives

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