Should all education systems have to include a second language?

Asked by: GuitaristPaul
  • Yes because it isn't hard to learn multiple languages if you haven't spent over a decade knowing only one.

    In most cases, the only thing that makes learning a new language so hard is that you are always trying to translate it back to English. If we were taught something like Spanish around the same time we were being formally taught English, it would be sensible to assume students would be fluent or at least well versed in speaking a language by middle or high school. Such is the case with the many countries who require English or set it as a preferred course in their school system.

  • It should remain an elective.

    It should be a choice of the student whether or not they want to expand their resume with bilingual as a skill set. It is an advantage, to be sure, but a college grad that has not taken a second language is still plenty effective in the working world.

    I say this as a person whos first language is English though. I don't feel my opportunities are any lessened by not being bilingual. My country offers everything I could want. Coming from a different country, the sentiment might be different, so I can't speak to that.

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