Should all events of famous people's lives be made public?

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  • No, celebrities' lives shouldn't be open books.

    Nowadays, we expect to know every little detail about celebrities' lives. In the past, however, celebrities were allowed more secrecy, and the media didn't try to disclose everything about them. They were given more freedom in what they chose to make public, or not. Our culture is too eager to know about everything, and this gives celebrities a grandiose feeling, while also creating dangers for them, as the paparazzi try to uncover every little detail they can.

  • The events of famous people's lives should be kept private.

    Why is that just because someone is famous for doing something that we must put their life in the spotlight? They are a human being just like us and they deserve the same privacy that we do. I bet that if a normal everyday person was put in the news like celebrity's than they would be just as upset at them having their life being watched. People enjoy privacy and that should be respected by everyone.

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