Should ALL furries be tortured to death using the most extreme measures before sending all their barely alive bodies to space to nuke them all/

Asked by: fuck_furries
Should ALL furries be tortured to death using the most extreme measures before sending all their barely alive bodies to space to nuke them all/
  • Furries have gone too far.

    I'm tired of seeing furries everywhere i go. I am absolutely sickened by the uWus and OwOs, Something needs to be done and I think this is a very reasonable response. Its time to show these sickos exactly what the rest of the world things of them. Absolutely disgusting people.

  • Furries need to die

    They all must die die die they are a stain on progress and should have all their rights striped and should be genocided and eliminated, They are disgusting they all must go and when they die they will go to the deepest and most torturous depths of hell to suffer!

  • Only some furries are existential threats, The rest need help

    First, I'd like to clarify that I'm taking the question to mean if all furries should receive the worst punishment possible, Including the death penalty. Now to my main point: furries are not a culture, It is a psychosis. Only some furries deserve notable including zoophiles and those who actively and knowingly support this insanity. No sane person is capable of such a mentality. The followers of this furry scheme need to be rehabilitated and should receive lesser punishments, Such as therapy, Educational programs, Fines, And possible jail time. On the other hand, Those sick sociopaths who choose to infect and destroy humanity with the insanity which can barely be described with words, Other than furries, Cannot be reintroduced into our society. They are menaces to the existence of humanity and 1) need to be killed to prevent any possible further epidemics of furries and 2) be shown as an example to for others who might want to pull off such a plot. Furries who encourage being a furry, Are proud of it, And display such atrocities in public with less than positive results cannot be trusted. Although, To defend my negative opinion on the topic, Most furries are not like these people. They need help.

  • What the absolute hell

    I'm not a furry, But this is plain wrong. Like someone or hate someone, No innocent person should die a painful death. And yes. Most furries are innocent. And a lot of furries are teens and kids. Think about that. I can't believe some idiots think that certain people should die just because they don't like them. If you evil people are serious about this, Then I have no idea what to say. This is so evil.

  • I hardly know what a furry is but. . .

    What the actual heck? We are telling the people to go kill themselves, Burn alive, Explode and tortured to death? ! Doesn't sound very "nice". . What would I call this? This is almost like racism but telling people to end themselves instead (17th and 18th centuries) your telling them to burn to death exactly like how the blacks got burned to death and using other torture methods that racism slavery was used in to kill them! Sounds very messed up, I have furry friends and they do NON of those things people claim them to do, They are actually very kind and nice (again I don't know much) they have children themselves and love them dearly and people are out here saying all furrys are pedos and is a zoophile or believes they are a animal this is not true and whoever claims this is stupid

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