Should all governments around the world be putting population control measures in place?

  • Birth Control, Education are Keys

    Education and birth control measures are the key to controlling population growth. Educated people wait longer and have more contemporary views of having children. Humans don't live to age 40 anymore thanks to modern nutrition and modern medicine. Women commonly have children in their 30s now and don't have to procreate when they are 17 or 18 as they don in undeveloped countries. It's time to educate the masses about having children and about birth control in order to keep explosive population growth from happening.

  • People who vote no are not seeing the bigger picture

    It is not about food or water placing limits on our societies (although I think the 3rd world country governments need to be brought into the reality that their people do need clean running water, electric and safe modern houses) it is about the environment.
    The trouble is that we are destroying it and the main people doing this are those that have nothing to lose from doing so. People in 3rd world countries must have children to make more money for families and to replace those lost by disease, illness and injury.
    For the purposes of this vote, I vote yes because we are causing irreparable damage to our planet - the no voters just are not seeing it yet, but I see it daily.
    Remember though that in the poorer countries no form of population control can be implemented until conditions and quality of the lives of the people increase. Currently their governments profit from the poor and we need to stop this and knock them into reality and the 21st century.
    The western side of the world is different, there is no need for us to produce more than 2 children. We just want to produce more. If such selfishness continues then our population will increase, but our quality of life will fall.
    Currently 60% of world species is facing becoming extinct with hundreds not accounted for due to human overpopulation, yet you think there is no issue.
    You need to look around and start noticing the birds and other wildlife in your town or city because most of our wildlife here has gone.

    Posted by: gd29
  • No, people are not the problem.

    No, governments should not be putting population control measures in place, because there are not too many people. There is enough food and water for everyone in the world. The problem is that distributions are poor. In a free society, people are seen as a boon and new hope for the world, rather than a burden on society. When there are too many people, humans will level out, just like any other biological habitat.

  • The governments around the world should not be putting population control measures in place.

    The governments around the world should not be putting population control measures in place. There are some things that the government should keep their greedy hands out of and this is one of them. Overcrowding is not the problem in the world at the moment. If the government wants to step in and fix the problems that are already going on they should but this is one issue that is not an issue.

  • Two words: Demographic Transition

    Industrialization leads to shrinking populations. Some countries are already facing shrinking populations. This question says all governments. Japan in particularly would be stupid to impose population control measures when the birth rate is lower than the death rate.

    Countries whose populations shrink can look forward to a future where there are too many people in retirement and hence the economic burden will be greater on everybody. Worse they may have to raise the retirement age dramatically.

    Countries that have rapidly expanding populations should make birth control easier to access and transition into becoming developed countries. In developed countries people aren't afraid of having too few children to look after them in the future and so focus more on careers and so less and less people decide to have children and then they decide to have less children.

  • There are not too many people.

    No, not all governments around the world should be putting population control measures in place, because there are party of the world, in fact most of the world, that are only very lightly populated. Farming can keep up with these demands. There are parts of the world that are downright desolate. There are not too many of us.

  • It is doubtful that worldwide population control measures are necessary.

    The earth itself and mother nature have played a part in this and tend to purge when the burden of humanity becomes too unbearable. It is likely, therefore, that if the earth's population becomes so large that it is unsustainable, there will be an increase in natural disasters that will naturally decrease the population over a period of time. It may be that we are already seeing this in the recent tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

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