Should all guns be banned in America except for the police and armed forces?

  • Second amendment stupid

    The government cannot take away something that is specifically sated in the constitution without going through the proper process to make changes to the constitution. It not that hard. It says it so we can do it. We can limit guns but we cannot ban them. Never never never never.

  • Common Sense Gun Reform Works

    We have experience from common sense gun legislation in the UK and Australia that works and can work in the United States if the government can get around the second amendment and ban and confiscate all guns as other English speaking countries. There would be a brief spike in crime until the police can forcibly disarm the criminals, then instead of 30,000 dead by gun fire per year it would probably be more like 300.

  • Ever heard of the second amendment? It can't be abolished.

    The second amendment allows people to have guns. It is used for many reasons. Some of them are: fighting against a tyrannical government and it even prevented the japanese from going to fight our citizens on foot because they knew we had guns. When our founding fathers made this, they purposely made it so we could defend ourselves and it can't be abolished.

  • Not At All

    The Second Amendment to the United States constitution states that the government shall not infringe upon the right to bear arms. The Supreme Court has held that the second amendment includes a right to armed self defense, a right which could not possibly exist if only police and the military had guns.

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