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  • No! Absolutely not

    The right to bear arms is enshrined into the Constitution by the FOUNDING FATHERS. They intended that Guns be used not only for self defense, But for American citizens to be able to defend their country from enemy invasions, Both foreign and domestic. Any wonder why the demoCraps want to repeal the 2nd Amendment and take away our guns? They need a disarmed populace so they can implement socialist tyranny with no resistance. And so that their BLM brown shirts can go around and kill those who do not step in line and bow down to the new communist regime

  • There are uses for guns

    Confiscating all guns in any situation is a bad idea as there are valid reasons for people owning guns that can't easily be replaced by some other tool. For example, If guns were banned outright with no exceptions farmers would have to use poison to kill pests, Which would would kill a lot of wild animals. It'd also be near-impossible to fully implement this policy as there will always be people who hide guns, Or make their own using 3D printers or out of pipes in their garage.

  • Keep guns, But in moderation

    No, I don't think all guns should be confiscated but I think there must be a license to have one that should have background check and then can be revoked if the person does something not good with it, Like shooting a person or some other crime. So basically, Don't confiscate all guns but don't let people who will do bad stuff with them have them.

  • Evil will always exist

    Evil will always exist in this corrupt world and so will guns. Just like drugs, If guns are ilegalized people will still be able to get their hands on them somehow. This would just leave the citizens vulnerable to attack. Yes the police would still have guns but it takes time for the police to get from place to place. Many people could die in the meantime. Also there is a chance that the Police officers themselves would die. It would make people scared to commit a shooting when everyone has a gun because the second the shooter pulls out his gun five others will pull out theirs in retalliation

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