• Who comes up with these?

    Of course not why are you even asking why would you force somebody to have a fetish? It's not something you just make somebody have. Did you mean DO all guys have a foot fetish in which case the answer would also be no. This is such a strange and foolish question.

  • Do i need to explain?

    Naturally the human body has many body parts while the foot is one of the most important parts as without feet we wouldn't be able to stand and therefore feet are important and should be treated as another sexual body part. Thus i can only say that if you do not have a foot fetish you are not human *period*

  • Well obviously No

    Guys can't only have one fetish. They can have more sexual fetishes except a foot fetish. Although foot fetish is the most common fetish in existence, Guys have other fetishes too. Just like how guys like the breasts, Thighs, And bottom. So I say no. This is my opinion. .

  • Get that disgusting foot drawing out of my face

    Foot fetish makes no sense its a bloody foot. Imagine somebody in public laying down on the street wanting to be stepped on by women would you find that normal. There is literally nothing sexual about a foot you put them in your shoes and walk with them thats it

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