• Free health care for all.

    There should be specific exceptions for procedures that are extremely expensive or complex but most health care should be free. No one should have to decide between whether they want to eat or get the treatment that they need. And there will, of course, be people who try to take advantage of the situation but the good that comes from free health care greatly out weighs the bad.

  • Yes, that would help people so much.

    Yes, I think all health clinics should be free. This would be a tremendous burden off of the many people who can't even afford the co-pay for a doctor visit. No one realizes how much stress it adds to a person's life when they have a family and can't afford proper medical care.

  • No, health clinics shouldn't be free.

    I do not think that all health clinic should be free. I think that people should have to pay for their own medical needs and services if they need it. The taxpayer shouldn't be burdened with the payment because some people want to visit the clinic. I think that Universal healthcare isn't the answer.

  • How would you pay for it?

    No, all health clinics should not be free, because there has to be a way to pay for the services that are provided. If someone has to pay a copay when they go to the doctor, they will be less likely to use the service frivolously. It is a deterrent to misuse of services.

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