Should all human beings desire to be more like a master race of Aryans?

  • Leading this world

    Yes, I think that all human beings need to desire to be more like a master race of Aryans, because they are the people who rule the world if you pay attention. The Aryans control the most powerful nations on earth, and have always been the dominant force on this planet.

  • No, human beings must desire to be themselves.

    No, human beings need to be a diverse population in order to maintain healthy genetic lineages. Aryans are not the master race and do not present the hardiest biological signatures. Therefore, it is necessary for all races to represent themselves and their evolutionary fitness by continuing to seek out diverse partners and creating as much genetic recombination as possible.

  • Absolutely not, because the idea of a master race isn't valid.

    There is no such thing as a master race. No one race is better than another. To aspire to such a thing would ultimately disconnect one from the rest of humanity. All races are equally relevant and capable. All human beings should desire to be a master species of human beings, united in peace and understanding, and there should be no classification beyond that.

  • Were They Really Masters

    I do not believe all human beings should desire to be more like a master race of Aryans. I think history has shown us that the route to this ideal can be devastating for some groups and it doesn't make society better in anyway. If anything it leads to war.

  • Diversity is good

    I would absolutely disagree with this statement. One of the best things about the human race is that there is a lot of diversity within the race that makes a lot of things possible. We should be promoting diversity, not trying to create some sort of master race that look aryan.

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