• Illegal Immigrant is violation of law .

    Every country has capacity to govern their own nation and own borders. And of course there will have statues and law to empower this intention. Everyone should bound to this principle.Because there is no one is above the law especially the "intruders". Every violation of law must be punish not reward them with "citizenship " privileges.

  • Repatriate illegal immigrants

    Nations should be able to set migration controls and expect migrants to follow a process in order to gain entry to the country. You can't just pitch up on your wealthy neighbours doorstep and expect them to give you a bed just because you aspire to their standard of living. Go and earn it for yourself.

  • No, all illegals should not be repatriating.

    I do not believe all illegal aliens should be repatriating. I think that if the term means that they're sending money back to their family in their country of origin, then I definitely think it is wrong. Now if the term is being used in the sense that they should be sent back to where they came from, then yes, they should all be repatriated.

  • Illegal immigrants shouldn't be repatriating in every case.

    There are plenty of illegal immigrants who should be sent home. However, it would be much better to create a path to citizenship for honest, hard working people who just want to make a better life for themselves. This would create new members of the work force and in many cases new tax revenue.

  • All immigrants should not be repatriated

    I believe that the law abiding immigrants that are hard working contributing people to our country should be granted a path to citizenship. Those who choose to break the law should not be allowed to stay. to remove those who can be contribution g members of our Society would be foolish.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Illegal immigrants have been in America too long for them to simply repatriate. The problem with this method is that a lot of the illegal immigrants are parents to now fully fledged US citizens. This problem has been ignored for far too long and such a solution will not solve the problem.

  • All illegal immigrants should not be repatriating.

    All illegal immigrants should not be repatriating. I think it would be wrong to send all the illegal immigrants back to their own country. I think if they want to come here to America for a better life then they should follow the same laws that we have to and they should learn to speak English.

  • Where should we start?

    With the Mayflower, or even Columbus and his followers? What is the definition of an illegal immigrant? Do you have more rights, because someone in your family came way back in history and whipped out the original population? I don't think so. I have seen people, who moved from Tennessee to Texas, chase local hispanics, who descended from the first Europeans. So who is a real American?

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