Should all immigrants be required to speak English in order to live in the U.S.?

  • United States of Confused America

    The language of most immigrants over 100,000 per year is Islam and their (bible) tells them to behead any one that disagrees with their religion. I think we all should all be able to know what they are talking about when they are around us.
    As for the rest. When I travel even for the short term I do my best to learn and understand the local language ,both for my ability to function in a strange land, but also just pure RESPECT for the local people. For people to move here without basic respect tor for our land is already a recipe for a disaster.

  • It would make life easier

    How many problems in the world have happened due to pure miscommunication? How can you relate to someone you don't understand? Either we all speak one language or we all speak two, or three, or the exact same number so we can always understand each other. In which case we would soon end up mixing it up into one, new language; It would be a lot easier to just go with the main one that has been here forever than make a new one.

  • Shall I go to Spain and demand that they just accommodate me?

    Put aside that much of Europe speaks English.

    Imagine that I just go anywhere and pitch a FIT unless every one just speaks
    to me in my language.
    I do not have to learn or share but I, absolutely demand that every one bend to make every thing easy for me. "GIVE TO ME. I AM IN YOUR HOME AND I AM GOING TO STAY. YOU MAKE ME HAPPY. I DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE TO YOU AT ALL"

    See, how rude it is?

  • Speaking English should be a requirement for immigration, but not residence.

    People who are already in the U.S. Should not be deported merely because they speak the wrong language. However, it is extremely problematic to run even a highly developed country on multiple languages (see Belgium), and therefore, as English is obviously the most spoken language in the U.S., I think that it should be made the official language, and those wishing to come to the U.S. Must speak at least rudimentary English.

  • U.S.A... Native Language is English

    Why come live in the U.S if you can not speak the language it speaks? I support immigrants coming to the U.S, of course for a better life for themselves and their family. But how would they interact with us? How would they work with us? Allowing immigrants in the U.S is the reason students have to take foreign languages for different professions in high school and in college. So at least why not the immigrants learn English, that being said, so we all can understand each other as we speak, our culture, and life.

  • Want English? Go to England.

    First of all English is not the native language of the United States, you can go ask the Native Americans who currently live in reservations what the native language of this land is. Secondly, Spain has an actual identity, a real common culture, and a common language. The United States was founded by immigrants who spoke every language imaginable. To make the case that English is the official language of the United States is to be ignorant of American history. Also there is no constitutional basis to make English the official language. If you want to live in a country where the official language is English go to England. Here in the United States we will maintain and pride ourselves with our diversity.

  • We could lose our linguistic diversity

    Language carries a culture and helps foreign learners open up to new ways of thinking. Consider this: I read in a National Geographic article where a small people living in Russia speak their own endangered language, which has a different concepts to Engish; for example, they think of looking to the future as looking back. This may seem different at first, but it helps to understand what people can express, and they can express for their own benefit, as opposed to them expressing themselves for our own benefit.

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