• Diversity decreases communal trust and cohesion

    Putnam surveys the decline of social capital in the United States since 1950. He has described the reduction in all the forms of in-person social intercourse upon which Americans used to found, Educate, And enrich the fabric of their social lives. He argues that this undermines the active civil engagement which a strong democracy requires from its citizens.

    Https://archive. Org/details/bowlingalone00robe

  • End illegal immigration

    Yes. End illegal immigration and slow legal immigration. Immigration causes a two-fold problem. It causes the native-born population to lose wage growth. It also increases the welfare state. What most people like to say is most immigrants are wealthy. That's wrong. Most are coming from Central America and poor African countries. The first issue. Wage growth stagnation. Wages don't keep up with inflation because there is a large supply of low skill workers and because technology is taking away low skill jobs. We can solve the first part by stopping the flow of immigrants and by stopping illegal immigration. The second part is increased welfare. Not only are low wages pushing more Americans to the welfare line but those who come here draw welfare. The US spent 113 billion on illegal immigrants' welfare while getting a tax benefit of 3 billion from the same group. That's a net loss of 110 billion. Not only that the Americans who are low skill won't work because the price point of the job is too low. Right now we're lucky that welfare recipients have decreased. When the economy turns sour the cracks will show and the US will overnight become a third world country which is exactly what a lot of immigrants are running from. Can immigration be good? In some cases, Yes but currently in the US, We have no need for it. We have tons of workers still looking for work but can't find it and tons of workers underemployed. The US, After all, Is for US citizens not for the world to exploit.

  • Only temporarily tho

    Until we know who, And why someone immigrates to the us can we properly vet them through the country. Take immigrants from middle eastern countries as an example. Not everyone from those areas are necessarily a terrorist or a threat to national security most of them still harbour ill thoughts about our country.

  • Anti-immigration is anti-semitic.

    I don't care if USA doesn't bring more White people from Europe. They need to die off anyway and hope our Muslim friends replace them. We already have bankers from the tribe sponsoring more and more Islamic immigrants into Sweden. But if America stops letting Israelis come to America where does it end? If Jews can't travel wherever they want it's like another Holocaust. You Americans don't want us to die do you? We already have Jews in your government to prevent it from happening anyway. Jared Kushner is our best Israeli representative to prevent Americans from closing their borders. Also not to mention it's racist to stop immigration. You don't want to be racists now do you? It's racist if America stops helping Jews make their own nation and building Israel's borders and defense systems.

  • Legal immigrants are good when they have been back-round checked and don't cause problems.

    Just so we are clear I actually want a border wall/reinforcements and more border agents. When legal immigrants wait their turn and cross a legal border checkpoint going through the process of immigration and later on citizenship it shows that they are more than likely here just to have a better life. Here are some facts legal immigrants are extremely more likely to assimilate the culture and learn the language of the local population then illegal and asylum seekers. Also Illegal/asylum seekers (just gonna call them both illegal) are for much more likely to commit violent crime then legal immigrants. Another fact is legals work more hours with better production on average compared to illegals. Lastly legals send much less money back to their native country then illegals. Overall I think summarizing legals and illegals as one group immigrants is down right ignorant.

  • You did that to yourselves

    You people stole lands kill the native and used free labor for years and became number 1. And yet you do not live like kings.
    Alabama the people have parasite worms and overflowing septic tanks. You have outbreaks because white people can't wash their hands. And you blow off your money on trucks

    You are blaming immigrants for taking a few million dollars but you people do not hold your own accountable who siphon billions and trillions.

    That is white I hate even talking to Americans. They do not live in reality. They are like robots and just spit out whatever fox news says.
    Immigrants, Socialism third world country wage loss.

    They are so broke and so dumb its a miracle that they have not already been invaded by Russia or china. 100 dollars that they will try to flee to Mexico when that happens.

  • North Korea all the way.

    You cannot close your borders completely. North Korea blocks the internet and keeps the world outside of its borders.
    You would have to close the nation and disconnect the internet to the world and stop trade with the world.
    That is not going to happen.
    And by the way border patrol is the one bringing the drugs overs.
    Illegals pay out of pocket they cannot get free medical care and although a small amount of illegals commit fraud most pay what they owe.
    The same cannot be said of white Mormons and white collared workers and specific groups of white people.

  • Immigrants are good

    Immigrants are wealthier skilled and speak more languages than Americans so let them in. By keeping immigrants out America will stagnate and other countries will leave America behind. There was once an immigrant who came to America fearing persecution and changed the world. His name? Albert einstein. That’s the benefit of immigration

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