Should all information on the Internet be made available to everyone?

  • The Internet should be based on freedom of speech, right or wrong.

    While the Internet is full of gross amounts of misinformation, individuals should have access to everyone's beliefs and opinions because people are entitled to freedom of speech. If censorship takes place on the Internet, it should be done at an individual or family level, where people choose to block certain content off of their web browsers to shield themselves and members of their families from misinformation, gossips and adult content that they do not wish to view.

  • No, some information still needs to be protected.

    Not all information needs to be known by everyone. For privacy reasons, personal information of any sort should not be available to everyone. For security reasons, government information needs to be kept secret. For innovative reasons, information such as books and research should be protected because the monetary incentives need to exist for people to continue producing them. Making all information available would endanger many people and deter others from innovation.

  • Everyone has the right to privacy

    Ignorance is bliss as knowing more can do more harm than good. After all, I may not want the world to know that I'm planning a surprise party just because I started the process of creating an e-vite. However, if someone wants to share information over the Internet, he should have the right to do so without being censored. Furthermore, if people want access to public information online, they should be able to obtain it without barriers.

  • People are not entitled to information simply because it is conveniently available.

    One of the primary issues that has become evident with the rise of the internet is that many people now believe that if they can access information, they are entitled to it. This is not true. First, the accuracy of information attained via the internet is difficult to verify. Unfortunately, many people believe that because it is available on the internet, it must be true. Second, people are entitled to a right to privacy. Burdening others with information that prevents to escape past errors and attempt to start anew is cruel and unfair. We, as a society, need to understand that sometime the best decision is to forget and move on.

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