• Go For It

    Investors should stop saving and they should sell their stocks. They should keep the minimum they need to live off and then find good uses for the rest of the monies. Spread the money around a little bit and you'll find a healthier economy to live in. Otherwise, just remember, you can't take it with you.

  • saving is essentail for sustainble business

    investor should save money for the future problems and investments. Selling all stocks will make investor financially weak, If any crisis hit or any loss is always covered by the saving assets of the investor or company. Many investor uses sell stock technique for protecting them form the market downside risk. They sell stock on limited price and save some stocks for future use.

  • Investors should never even consider selling their stocks now.

    Just because the markets have taken a hit and have went into a major down-slide, this doesn't mean that investors should run and hide. If investors all flock to their selling spots, it will drive the economy into chaos. Now is not the time to just sell off everything. It is actually a great time to invest in more.

  • I don't agree

    Nooooo! That would cause a huge crash in the stock market. There needs to be a constant to keep it going. If everyone sold their stocks at the same time the results would be devastating to our economy and would cause a huge issue! I don't think that is a good idea at all

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