Should all K-12 schools charge for admission of students?

  • A small fee might work...

    I would say having a small simple fee would be fine, like 10-15 dollars bi-monthly. That would bring in a lot of money to schools and would improve the quality of learning in general. Plus teachers might get more money, and that would definitely improve the quality of learning. This would also allow schools to get better technology for their students, which would be great.

  • K-12 Schools Should Charge for Admission of Students.

    Money speaks volumes for today's generation. I feel that, by having entrance fees, attendance and grades would improve significantly in the US. Create a college experience for elementary, middle-school, and high-school students, so that they will take their education seriously. The US, though not the dumbest country in the world, is below average, so obviously the current education system isn't working.

    Posted by: BRJ
  • It helps underfunded schools.

    As most know, the education system is broken, partly due to the lack of funding. By engaging students in a environment that makes them comfortable, maybe they would be able to pay more attention. Many parents of students would be upset, but reaping the benefits of this country is what makes the government not pay for schools in the first place. All people, even those who make minimum wage, should be able to pay 5-10$ a month.

    In conclusion, the education system should be funded more, and in doing so enhancing the learning experience, providing a comfortable environment for the students, and allowing more programs to cater to each student. Also it will motivate teachers more, and improve the quality of food, because even though people say the food is healthy, it is all deep fried garbage. Funding will allow more classes, so that students will want to come to school and learn about the things they want to. This might even reduce the horrendous amount of truancy.

  • Education Is About More Than Money

    Several studies indicate students who attend private schools do not fare any better than those attending public schools in a variety of metrics. In other words, paying for your child's education with your own money isn't the key to educational success. Also, America is not lagging behind other countries in education. This is a common misconception based upon comparing incomplete sets of data. While all children are educated in America, many other countries do not allow students to be educated beyond a certain point unless they show they are of significant aptitude. They must pass a test or their education is over. This means we are comparing ALL students in America to the best and brightest students in some other countries, and and we shouldn't be surprised when the result is the best and brightest of other countries fare better.

  • Schools Supported Through Taxes

    I do not believe all K-12 schools should charge for admission. In America we have an abundance of children who attend school whose parents simply can not afford to purchase there daily lunch. There are grants that cover this from the federal government, however, if parents had to pay admission, many children would not be able to attend school. Local schools are already receiving tax money from property taxes in my local area. I should not have to pay additional monies to send my child to the local public schools.

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