Should all laws that has something to do with harm of your own body be legal? No laws for what you do to yourself/consume

Asked by: kaspertheminer
  • Slippery Slope for sure

    This is what we should call a slippery slope. If we start telling people what they can do with their own bodies than what will be next? Are we going to dictate what people read, watch, listen to, wear, eat, and etc. Would the intervention stop there or would we be put on a schedule for when we do things even small things like take a shower, eat, drink, sleep, and etc?

  • Yes, for sane adults

    Children need to mature more before making certain decisions, and in some cases such as a suicidal person wanting to take rat poison then law enforcement should step in and stop them. But for an informed, sane adult it should be allowed.

    But there's a difference when it comes to selling versus buying. I think some drugs should be legalized. At the very least cannabis should be. But harder drugs like heroin and meth are basically poison. A person who uses it shouldn't be punished, in fact if they need addiction treatment they should be able to sue the dealer and make him pay for it. But those pushing that stuff onto people should definitely be punished.

  • Yes, Within Limits

    As long as the individual understands what's going on, what they're doing, and the risk, I see no issue. Perhaps we should treat it as a drivers course, where proper education is required before permission, but regardless everything should ultimately be permissible in America, the land of the Free.


  • Use of anything should be legal

    Production and sale on the other hand...? Not so much.

    Whether you are talking drugs, prostitution, gambling, whatever addiction, it should be the capitalization on the weak and desperate that is illegal. Hence, drug dealers, pimps, loan sharks, etc. should all be illegal.

    What someone does to their own body, with no effect on others, should not be criminalized because it can't really be policed and actually infringes on a person's right to bodily autonomy.

  • They're going to do it anyway

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  • You should be allowed to do whatever you want to your body.

    You should have complete freedom over your body. And should be allowed to do drugs or harm.
    It is your property.
    If i am allowed to destroy my bought phone then i should be allowed to do whatever i want to my body
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  • Lets be careful what we wish for.

    For the most part I agree with stemaclean, except I do not believe in the idea of a right to bodily autonomy. Anyone selling drugs or other substances, including prostitution and porn, should have the hammer of law brought down on them, but for the people who get rapped up in it like drug addicts I believe in mandatory rehab.

    My sister has struggled with drug addiction, and is extremely impulsive do to ADHD, if I could find any of the people who got her into it, I can assure you them would be in the hospital after I was done with them. Drug dealers deserve to be charged with an assault for every sale, and if a customer over doses, perhaps be charged with murder as well. I include tobacco in this, as 480,000 deaths per year is no laughing matter.

  • I think no

    Any harm to your body should be illegal because some people try to overdose, kill them selves, cut themselves, or drown themselves and i think that is just dissapointing. I have thought about killing my self but trust me I have never attempted and I never will because In My opinion that is just stupid selfish, and it makes people worry about you. If you are doing it just to get attention than you should get your parents to talk to you that or get a therapist.

  • ALL of the laws???

    Some of the laws can be an exception but what about things like heroin and stuff? That has no need to be legal and we need to teach people the education on drugs that they need.

    Some drugs are just completely useless and people don't know the danger of them.

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