Should all leaked pictures of actors/actresses be banned on social media? i.e. Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria justice

Asked by: thechosentwice
  • Of course they should be.

    Censorship is wrong in most cases of course but this is protecting their privacy. You can't leak somebody's naked photos, actor/actress or anybody and act like it's your right to invade their privacy and cry 'no censorship!' Y'all got mad when the the government started hearing your phone calls and seeing your text messages. Now these people are being hacked and exploited, illegally. It should be taken down and the people responsible for any of it, minor or not, should be charged.

  • A leaked photo is a violation.

    Only if it has been approved by the person in the picture or the video. Any unauthorized photo or video is a violation of a persons rights. I think the paparazzi should have to buy a permit from the famous person to shoot photos or be sued. It is nobodies business what they do. The only people who will disagree are just nosey and bored.

  • Well... It depends.

    It's not illegal unless the person in the pictures is under-age. So there's that. But there is also the owner of the copyright to the photo. If I take a nude photo of myself (which I won't do), I own the right to remove or request the removal of the photo. But If my friend takes it, it's up to THEM to get rid of it.

    So the photos the person takes belongs to them, and if someone else took them, they own it. The photos should only be taken if the copyright owners say so.

  • Um, why ?

    First off, it was the actors/actresses choice to post the pictures to their social media accounts or put them on their cloud servers. Second, if they were smart enough, they would have taken the pictures on a device that wasn't vulnerable to the outside intrusion of hackers. Censoring the pictures won't help now.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Censorship is wrong!

    Or something. It made more sense when I read it in a liberal magazine and while I'm not quite sure what their point was it ended with "Censorship is wrong" so I presume this is what they meant too. To that end bewbs and butz should be desexualized anyway because that article said so too.

    It was a great article.

  • Only if they want it to.

    Before any of you guys say pervert realize that some of these are for publicity. I feel that if they want it off then it should be taken down. Especially any under aged ones. But for these stars this is a huge publicity boost. If it okay with them its okay with me.

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discomfiting says2014-09-01T01:03:05.683
Posting naked photos without a person's permission is a tort.... And is illegal just like hacking somebody else's computer.