Should All liberals get deported to Europe?

Asked by: asta
  • It's Liberal dreamland

    The Liberals have been degrading the values of America and the west since 1973, when abortion became legal.

    Ever since then, their policies have been replacing facts with insane Euphemisms. On abortion, they call it, "Reproductive Justice", on taking money from the hard workers, they call it, "The rich paying their fair share". Actually wanting to keep all of what you earn is called, "Greed".

    The reason why Conservatives don't use these Euphemisms is because they don't judge a belief by it's title, as what the liberals have done with their beliefs. They use some labels in retaliation, but other then that, they don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Europe is a place where Liberals want to make America more like. Since they like Europe so much, why can't they simply go over there where they belong?

    Since Liberals tend to be racially diverse, since Europe likes racial diversity, it would make Europe better in the eyes of many Europeans because they are now more racially diverse.

    Posted by: asta
  • Yes yes yes

    I wanna go to europe so badly i totally agree with this 100% then i won't have to deal with trump anymore let's please make this happen!!!!!!!!!! Europe is so great and it's always been my dream to go to europe because europe is the best!!! I love europe!! Yay!

  • Happiness is where there is no responsibility.

    I cant argue that they "should be deported", but they would certainly be a lot happier being closer to the Marxist ideas that they vote for. Why not live in a place that you have used as an example of the ideal society? I think the point they making is a complete double standard of the left. That being that they idolize Europe's "progressive" societies, yet, as we see in the polling, they find the thought of moving there abhorrent. Interesting...

  • Who is going to fix the student loan crisis?

    If all the liberals are deported, The student loan crisis will continue to get worse and worse. Trump has been in office for a while now, And the free market was free to run its course, But 10 years later, Things have only gotten worse. Capitalism failed to fix the student loan crisis.

    I don't like having to enact student loan forgiveness and have people pay taxes for free education, But it is the only immediate solution to the problem that will save the economy, And prevent future debt from ever getting this bad.

  • Come to Europe and be liberal!!!

    It would be so fun!!! Europe is great!!! Whoever does not want to come can stay behind though, because after all, we are liberals!!! Go politics lmao oof we are so great well not donald trump but everyone else yay life soo you all in europs lol bye people cya

  • Liberals are stupid

    There all stupid so they can go back to the place they love. Fuck the lot of them. If we Brexit this shit and there still here I will fucking kill them. All a bunch of wankers. They deserve every thing that comes there way. I would never actually assult a liberal but argue

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  • Liberals should not have to go to Europe.

    I feel that if someone wants to go to Europe, they should, but deported? What if they enjoy living here? Are you just going to send them away? If they want to go to Europe they can go by themselves. Also, it's unnecessary to deport liberals. Unlike when there is a war in their country, this would bring more people to a country for no reason. Bye!😊

  • No way, Ami.

    Just because the elite globalist governments of some European states have been squandering their nations by undemocratic means does not mean that *the European* agrees. The share of Europeans who dislike this progressive clique is growing by the day, and secretly want them to hang high on the gallows. Keeping this shift in mind I predict that the EU shall not survive another 20 years at max, and her collapse shall be a huge victory of the European people.

    With kind regards,
    a European.

  • Many other places.

    During the campaign, and after Trump won, many democrats threatened to move to Canada. Tho getting over the border would be easy as much of it is just open land, it is very difficult to get permission to stay so few have even attempted it.
    What I find funny is that nobody threatened to immigrate to Mexico. After all, the liberal act like Mexico and it's people are so great, so why not be among the people you act like you love so much? Would they rather flee to Canada an Europe because they are racist? Hey, if you do flee to Mexico, better do it legally as they are far less forgiving than the U.S. Crossing their border illegally is a felony and not a misdemeanor as it is here. Best case scenario, you will deported. Worse case is, you will be imprisoned for 5 or more years before being deported.

  • America would turn into a 3rd world country

    Since most college students with graduate degrees and higher are liberal America would basically be turned upside down and economic collapse would be certain. Liberal states already foot the federal welfare bill for many southern conservative states. I'm pretty sure you have to be an absolute moron to buy into the culture wars and the American conservative/liberal lexicon in the first place. 93% of Americans are not ideologues. To prove my point only 7% of Americans watch MSNBC and FOX News combined. When questions like these are asked it just goes to show how brainwashed some people are.

  • But my question is why?

    I don't think all liberals should get deported to Europe . This debate is kind of irrational and deporting all liberals to Europe would be unconstitutional. What has america come to? Bleep Blurp Scooby Dooby Doo. Well I still need ten more word s so here they are my friends.

  • Opinions should be respected

    I know this is really a joke debate, but all opinions should be respected. Just because you don't agree with someones opinion doesn't mean they're the ultimate source of evil and are ruining the country. You probably wouldn't like it if someone insulted you for your political beliefs. Please let's be respectful.

  • This Whole Topic Is Stupid

    Seriously, Deport liberals to Europe. Does that sound I little wrong to you, Just plain deporting someone for their ideology. It is also just plain impossible for getting someone deported to any country in the world for something as stupid as that. No one should be deported because they have a certain ideology.

  • Roll Freaking Merica

    Bruh, People who say yes, Are probably the dumbest people ever, Or people who claim they are "patriotic to America" yet thinks other people who don't think like them shouldn't speak or be deported or some thing is also stupid. America was built on democracy, Nothing is gonna change that, Similar to how Russia and China were built on communism they still haven't. Whether your a liberal, Conservative, Or some dumb title, America is built on everyone has the right to their own opinion and you shouldn't be able to force anyone to do anything as long as they aren't harming society.

  • Please don't send us any more!

    Seriously, I'm in the UK and we have far too many Lefty Liberals as it is. We're drowning in their snowflake extreme Leftist ideals. Free speech and open debate has already been shut down by our Liberal Universities. Any attempt to debate with these people results in immediate cries of "Rascist", "Mysoginist" and "Xenophobia", The same as your Democrats hurling those same charges at Trump. Our loony liberals hate the fact that the country voted to leave the EU and are doing everything to reverse it. Democracy isn't in their vocabulary and we definitely don't want more of them.

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