Should all liberals get sent out of the US?

Asked by: asta
  • Send Them to the Middle East

    They seem to think it's all nice and peaceful there right? Like nothing BAD would just happen to befall them right? They could spare a few gay's flying off roofs couldn't they? They've got plenty of em'! Just a few bomb threats and public executions here and there... No big deal.

  • Because why not

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  • Canada is their dreamland.

    I used to support sending them to Europe, but once they realize that Canadian socialism would cause them to fail, then the liberals would become conservatives and would want to get annexed to the US. This would make the US bigger.

    In Canada, they will experience the socialism and the big government that they love so much. They will get to have multiculturalism between the Anglophones and the Francophones. They will see how much it fails and they would want to be in the US. The US can use this as an opportunity to annex the land they are on so they are in the US.

    Posted by: asta
  • The average conservative can't even define what a Liberal is.

    Literally just look to the right of the screen. These people are legitimately that dumb to think they're clever and witty with this post. What would be a really fun experiment would be to send all the conservatives to some state like Wyoming and see how long it takes them to fold and set up a government that provides the basic services like Medicare and Social Security that these people rely on while they whine about handouts.

  • This is a joke.

    1. How do you define "liberal" precisely enough to pass a law to remove them?
    2. "They will see how much it fails" how do you know it will fail?
    3. One party rule, no matter which one, is a bad idea. There needs to be some kind of checks and balances to prevent radical ideas from being adopted without thinking about it. (I am not against ALL seemingly radical ideas. I am against them breezing into law without being challenged at all.)

  • This Is Stupid

    This is stupid because everybody has liberal beliefs, Whether they realize it or not. For example, Although I am pro-life, I am also against the defunding of welfare programs used by people in need. Instead of deporting liberals, Which will accomplish nothing, We should seek to balance compassion with responsibility.

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