Should all Liberals who aren't in a family get deported to Europe (along with all liberal families)?

Asked by: asta
  • Europe is their dreamland

    If all Liberals of the above criteria got deported to Europe, then America can become Conservative. The US could then be able to make policies that it wouldn't make otherwise due to the Democrats.

    Also, Europe would be much more diverse and much more urbanized due to the huge amount of Liberal migrants coming into the country. They can make policies that they wouldn't make otherwise. Every party gets their way within their territory.

    Posted by: asta
  • Not my damn dreamland

    "Europe" is full of Conservatives, If I really wanted to go somewhere I would want to a country first off. And second, Have you heard of Canada, It is nice it has universal healthcare, Cheap college, Holo money, Justin Trudeau Is objectively hot, They have the best maple syrup, Not the cheap stuff.

  • This Is A Stupid Question

    This is honestly such a stupid question. Being liberal isn't against US federal law, You can't just deport people you don't like. The people who need to get deported from this country are people breaking the law and are violent criminals, Not innocent liberal people. Take some time in your life to reconsider your priorities.

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