• Yes, if they want to be good people.

    Men don't have to be feminists, but if they want to be good, just and fair people, they should be feminists and they should believe in equality for all people. Women should strive to believe in those same values if they want to be people who are good, just and fair as well.

  • Feminism is for everyone.

    I find appalling, the misconceptions of what feminism truly is. Feminism is not a belittlement of men. Feminism is the belief that men and women should be equal. As of now, women have not achieved the same status as men. In fact, if you were to analyze the Gender Equality Indexes of each and every country around the world, you would find no nation in which women are equal to men. The fight for equality between men and women still goes on. But gender equality is only a woman's fight, right?

    Wrong. When half of an entire population is deemed inferior, then everyone feels the effect. Statistically, there is a strong, positive correlation between a country's Gender Equality Index, and its Human Development Index. So, the places of the world in which women hold a lower status tend also to be places where the standard of living is just as bad. Thus gender inequality encompasses many other issues that touch not only women, but men as well.

    So why should men care about feminism? Why should men care about the rights mothers and sisters and daughters? Feminism stands for equality, and everyone can benefit from equality.

  • Feminism stands for equality.

    I find it rather appalling, the misconceptions of what it means to be a feminist. Feminism is by no means a hatred towards men. Feminism is the idea that women and men should be equals, which so far in the global scale has yet to happen: If you were to analyze the Gender Equality Indexes of each and every country around the world, not a single one would indicate a complete and total equality between men and women. Now clearly, feminism is simply a woman's fight against the cruel inequalities of the world right?

    Wrong. When half of the population of a country is deemed to be inferior, the country actually suffers. In fact, there is a relatively strong positive correlation between a country's Gender Equality Index and its Human Development Index. So, in places of the world where the status of women is lowered, so is the overall HDI of the country. It affects everyone. Why should men care about equality? Why should men care about their mothers and sisters and daughters? Because feminism is a fight for equality, and equality is to the benefit of everyone.

  • Yes, all men should support equal rights for women.

    Yes, all men should support equal rights for women.
    However, too many times (and it’s already been done in this opinion poll) people mistake a male feminist as a girly boy (having feminine character), and to that I am apposed; men are men and women are and they should each be proud and live into that fact. But even manly men should support the basic principle that all persons (male, female, black, white, green, gay, straight, slightly bent) should be treated equally when it comes to basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; All PERSONS should support those basic human rights.

    However, while I’m for equal rights, I’m also not so naive to believe that all persons are created equally. Some of us are smarter, taller, stronger, weaker, tougher, etc, etc. And to those that live into those personal attributes they should be able to benefit themselves without being discriminated against just as no one should be discriminated against for being a female. For example: a friend of mine (a white man) is on the Denver fire department. To get promoted, they take a test. All participants take a test, yet, when it comes time to select those that are to get promoted, the department first looks at how many “minorities” need to get promoted than they look at the test scores. Nothing should matter but their test score and perhaps their time in service. All other factors should be mute. Same goes for women’s rights. If a woman is as capable as a man, she should get equal pay for equal work, regardless of her gender. But, inevitably, somehow, if a person is unable to match the abilities of another person, or if a person receives less than what someone else receives (or earns, even if that reason was because they didn’t score high enough on an aptitude test) than some how it becomes a feminist issue, or a racial issue, or a minority issue. Equality should be equality across the board; and I support that kind of equality (and all persons should) but unfortunately we humans don’t function that way (yet); we all want the most we can get (even of it means others, equally capable, don’t get as much as we do). Sad.

  • We should respect each other.

    I think that the men, who put their rights above womens, are not men. Women, who think that they are better than others, that everything are allowed for them, they feel themselves Queens, are just silly. There are men with same kind character like women, it doesn't depend on gender, it depends on the person.

  • Yes, men should be feminists.

    While I would first like to note that the wording of this question is a bit awkward, I think what it is trying to ask is if men should support the rights of women. In that case, I can say without hesitation that men should be feminists in this regard.

  • One, it's a choice... Two, it's wrong.

    Women have equal rights, and fair (if not special) treatment.

    It noticed the picture said "Men against violence against women"... Two third of ALL Domestic Violence is against men. Good fact checking.

    Feminism was important back then to get equal treatment, but now with equal treatment, all it is today is a reach out for special treatment. It needs to end.

  • Good lord no.

    All men should most certainly NOT be feminists. I can barely deal with the feminists that exist, and I don't need some panzy boy telling me women should be paid equally all the damn time. Feminism isn't about female equality anymore, it's about female superiority. They don't want to be treated like humans, they want to be treated like queens. They want to be paid MORE than men, not AS MUCH.

  • Feminism is an ideology of hatred against men.

    Feminist will go on and on about how feminism is nothing but the belief that women should be equal to men but the actions of feminists through history tell a different story.
    Take Erin Pizzey for example: feminists didn't like that she wanted to help ALL victims of domestic violence instead of only female victims so they sent her a barrage of death threats, bomb threats everywhere she would go to talk, they killed her family dog and she had to flee the country.
    That is not an isolated incident it has happened every time someone presents evidence that feminists ideologies are wrong. Feminists not only ignore facts but resort to acts of terrorism against anyone who does research or studies that find these facts.

  • No, feminism is gender ideology.

    Men, and women, should endeavor to be both moral and sane. All human rights are important. Women's rights are important, but men should not forget they are human beings as well. Feminism does not represent women and it is dishonest of them to claim that they do. Women who are not feminists are not "gender traitors".

    In my opinion, labels are typically only useful if you want to be lazy. Do not become a feminist. Do not become a masculinist. Do not become a capitalist or a communist or a liberal or a labour supporter or a libertarian. Consider issues one at a time, using logic, reason, and kind morals.

    A problem with joining a group is that you will have your answer before hearing the question. You already know, "Women are the victim. Men are the problem." before anyone has asked you anything. You aren't thinking if your answer for everything is from the feminist handbook and of the groups to choose feminism is a pretty awful one.

  • Yes, all men should support equal rights for everyone.

    This entails not following an ideology that teaches that one gender needs to be given benefits over another. If feminism truly wanted equality, it would call for women to get longer prison sentences (or men to get shorter ones), would call for wen to enter dangerous jobs that involve hard labor, and would call for as much money to be spent on men's health issues as women's.

  • No, not all men should be feminists.

    No, I do not believe that all men should be feminists. Instead, all men should have a sense about who they are and where they came from culturally. Men should have an idea of feminism, but should leave being a feminist to the opposite sex and focus more on what they can do as males.

  • The feminist perspective is neither functional nor healthy.

    The second wave feminist movement developed to attain and protect not basic human rights, but rights provided under law. Continued growth and maintenance of the movement has depended upon pandering to women (continuing to increase options) and constructing an ethical narrative upon which to base such changes (Threat narrative). Neither of these things has anything to do with equality.

    The cost of increasing options for women across the board has placed additional burden and responsibility upon men, both individually through state enforced obligations and through social programs without any consideration to the cost to children, boys, men and society at large, whilst removing the benefits and privileges which used to come from that burden. The threat narrative constructed by feminists has systematically portrayed women as victims and men as aggressors, despite clear evidence of equal capacity for evil. Resources have been poured into issues which we only perceive as female because the statistics were manipulated or cherry picked, whilst male victims have been denied support and care. Feminism is to equality what Stalinism is to workers rights.

  • Feminism preaches hatred towards men.

    Why should men support a hate-group focusing on their gender? Why should men stand behind qoutes that demean the very essence of what they are? Why should men support women that want nothing more than to see them suffer?

    No. No man and no woman should be a feminist. We should be for equality because we understand it- and should teach it with egalitarnism, not with feminism.

  • Equality yes, Feminism no

    Laws, regulations, and societal norms have closed the gender gap as much as possible and even thrust women ahead of men in some instances. In many areas such as education men are quickly falling behind women, however the active feminist movement ensures women's issues will always receive more attention. Both men and women should have equal rights, and at present both suffer different disadvantages thus rendering the feminism movement redundant and detrimental to the aim of equality of the sexes.

  • Egalitarianism not Feminism

    As people have stated previously, the original feminist movement was just. However, currently I find that feminism has become socially acceptable sexism against men. So, instead of supporting feminism, men should support egalitarianism, because there are issues where men are not equal to women. For example, as several have stated previously, domestic violence against men is currently being ignored even though it occurs equally if not more often than domestic violence against women.

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builder_chris says2013-03-30T14:14:57.880
Don't confuse being A feminist with BEING feminist. Being A feminist simply means supporting equal rights for women that men have(equal pay, the vote, to speak ones on mind) and BEING feminist is men thinking and acting LIKE a woman. Men are men and women are women and it should be that way, but all persons deserve equal rights. Again, too many (imo) of the no votes are talking about being female in character instead of supporting female equal rights. I don't see this poll asking that question.