Should all men have to serve in the military before the age of 30, in the branch of that persons choice.

Asked by: Stevenc
  • It would teach people respect.

    Or at least it should. All to often these days, us teens get away with an extremely high level of idiocy. It's considered cool to be an idiotic gangster or a low life. Children all too often lack discipline, and the populace takes their privileges for granted. If we were all united in arms, we would be a stronger nation. Having the populace trained to use weapons and threats weeded out in advance would serve everyone's interest. And people who don't want to serve won't be forced. They can just leave, if they aren't willing to learn to defend their home.

  • Stand up or leave.

    Too many people take our soldiers sacrifices for granted, men should support and love this country, more and more people are becoming lazy and lose appreciation for what men and women do. Women should still have the choice to sign up, but men should do what they can to protect the people of this country.

  • Defend the country's sovereignty

    Every man age 18-30 should be required to serve the country as a soldier, able to perform basic combat through infantry training and survival techniques in at least a simulated battlefield and be mentally prepared to actually pull the trigger on someone who is threatening our homeland, no deserting should be allowed.

  • Why not Let's count the reasons

    1. The state could exploit this to start unnecessary wars.
    2. People who would be more productive in other fields would be forced to waste time in the military.
    3. This could encourage resentment within the ranks of the military leading to inefficiency in the military. This is similar to how people in communist countries who are forced into their job work more inefficiently.
    4. This is sexist. If men have to do this women should too.

  • No, many reasons for this.

    1.) Women should have to do this too.
    2.) This is sexist.
    3.) The economy would crash.
    4.) This could and would be exploited to the max by corrupt government officials.
    5.) People that do not want to be in the military (majority) would work inefficiently.
    6.) Their social skills and personality would be crushed in military training. As a person that has known people before and after military, this is completely true.

  • This could hurt the private sector

    If men had to work in the military the private sector would have to be operated completely by women and people under military age . That would make it difficult for big businesses to maintain lots of facilities . Not to mention forcing people to go into the military is conscription an when people are conscripted its not long before the leaders start to stretch other boundaries and than before you know it there is only an election once every ten years .

  • We have enough soldiers.

    Our military is already huge, and there is no reason to make it even bigger. The US government is supposed to "raise and maintain a military", and they have accomplished that. Also, in the near future, men will not be as needed in the military because they will likely be replaced. Military power will be based more on the budget, and less on how many people are in it.

  • Mandatory Service MUST Include Women!

    Remember that ERA struggle a few decades ago? Woman WANTED equality. Well, you CAN'T demand it in the workplace & refuse it elsewhere. If military service becomes mandatory, as in Israel & other nations, it SHOULD include women. That's a no-brainer. Although, I've noticed that feminists AREN'T eager to stand up & fight for it. Why is that? A lot of women have chosen military careers. Others may be interested. So, why make the gender look weak now? Women have fought in our nation's battles, throughout history. There's more to America than Boardrooms!

  • Terrible Idea, for a few reasons

    1. Taking away the under 30 work class, and family structure plus prime childbirth time.

    2. Forcing people to work in a violent group against will.

    3. Military is already large enough.

    4. There is no need for this.

    5. This is sexist, only men forced to.

    6. Inefficient or incompetent military since many do not want to serve.

  • Governments are responsible for their people, not the other way around

    Every government on the planet is to serve their people, not the people serving the government. I think this is a huge issue that has been developing in the world over a few centuries, but you are not responsible for your government's action. Not even saying that the budget usually cannot handle this in militaries. Not only such, but it wouldn't solve anything. It would eliminate young people in society, and would heighten physical issues involving disabilities. Very few nations in the world can even train and post all the men in their nation.

  • Speaking as an American

    We spend more than the next ~10 countries (depending on your source) combined and more per capita than South Korea or Israel. This doesn't seem justified by itself, let alone if it were expanded to such a degree. Mandatory volunteering to improve the livelihood of the nation/world I could get behind!

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