• They Need To Stop Getting Abortions!

    25% of women in the United States get abortions. All those hopeless little lives who could be playing soccer, Getting married, Or living old are now dead and (Please don't bring religion in) are somewhere in my opinion in Heaven. This will prevent women making this stressful disusing that could ruin their entire lives.

  • Education is key

    Educating Young Adults to be more responsible with sex would be more effective. There also is no way to ensure that they do use it, And there is still a slight chance of getting pregnant even when used. Seems to be a very simple solution to a complicated topic as there is no way to know when an individual is prepared to be a parent. The freedom infringement alone is ridiculous.

  • It's not enough.

    Not sure what you mean by "have to" but even if you implied that they are legally required to, That is still not far enough. Guys will always have some excuse like it broke or they forgot. In cases of rape, If your willing to commit that crime your not going to worry about the lesser condom offense. If it was a law then it would be considered sexist as only one gender is held accountable. Basically, It would make little if any difference.
    The real issue is that too many people are having creating babies that shouldn't not be allowed to. I have a better idea to prevent all abortions by not allowing them to get pregnant in the first place. We either have or are working on more passive ways to prevent pregnancy such as an IUD. We could also develop the male version just to be fair and as a redundant method. What we would do is set up various qualifications such as age, Income, Mental ability, And maturity level. If you don't qualify, A device is implanted to prevent you from conceiving. It is also mandatory for kids before they reach puberty. If you get to a point in your life where you believe you could raise a child, You and your partner would file for permission to have the device temporarily removed.
    Doing this would put an end to the abortion issue as there would be no such thing as an unwanted pregnancy. We would also prevent so many children being raised by unfit parents. It is pretty much a guarantee that every child will be raise properly by parents who definitely wanted them.

    Note: Some people may have objections based on religion but in those cases we make sure they are held accountable instead of using capital punishment on their innocent unborn child.

  • A ridiculous and unenforceable law

    Education is key here. For starters how are we going to enforce this? Will everyone have to wear a government-issued chastity belt they only get to open if they purchase condoms? Even then how do we make sure they actually use them? Will they be required to have sex in a special room under government surveillance? If you want this law in the US have fun finding crafty enough lawyers to explain to the Supreme Court why they shouldn't find this to be an unconstitutional infringement of the due process rights of the 4th amendment!

    We should educate people on the importance of using protection instead.

    Besides some under 24 year olds decide they want to have babies, And some women go on the pill instead. As for STDs, If you have a couple that has both tested clean and are either monogamous or only allow additional partners with mutual consent and limit it to trusted friends who have also tested clean recently (and haven't done anything in the meantime) then they may reasonably judge that they don't have much to worry about.

  • 'MOST' men under 24 'SHOULD' wear a condom, Or at least some other form of effective birth control.

    Obviously we need to ask what will happen if a man under 24 defies the requirement to wear a condom. Are you really going to put a new father in prison for the crime of producing an offspring? I don't see how that helps the child, The mother, The father, Or anyone in society.

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