Should all migrants respect American law and traditions?

  • It is not a suggestion, it is the Law!

    The requirement to obey all laws is not optional for new citizens and should not be optional for visitors. While we encourage and insist on the primacy of American values for those who join our workforce, we should also remember the full spectrum of values ourselves. The Statue of Liberty reminds us that we are all equal, regardless of ethnicity, origin, or even state of wretchedness, and that America will continue to be a land of opportunity. Additionally, just come here legally and there will not be a problem!

  • If you don't like it why'd you come here

    Don't come here and try to change our laws like piers morgan. If you don't like it go back to your own country where they have those laws. You don't have to do everything we do culturally but you can't desalt complain about it. If you choose to come here you abide by our laws

  • Ummm American culture made this country.

    I come from Colombia, Colombian culture and traditions made it the cesspit is today. Mexican culture and traditions is the reason is one of the worst countries in Latin America... If an immigrant wants to maintain their culture, then what was the point of leaving it?

    The job of a good immigrant is to accept the reality of the situation... Your culture of origin is the reason you fled, no need to be ashamed of it, just adapt to a new one.

    Posted by: N711
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jsebean says2014-01-19T01:27:28.703
I Will not answer this question since it's actually two questions. Law I will say yes, traditions I will say no. Culture and Law are two different things, the purpose of a free society is anyone can engage in their own traditions, subject to laws.
N711 says2014-01-20T20:09:40.500
American culture forged the United states. Colombia Culture forged Colombia...Mexican Culture forged Mexico...Hell not a single latin american culture forged anything meaningful.