• Cell Phone use in cars should be banned.

    Cell Phone use in cars should definitly be banned. People may argue that people are responsible and can drive and text at the same time, that is a lie and those drivers have gotten lucky. Studies show that when talking to others on cell phones, hands free devices or not, creates tunnel vision. Tunnel vision eliminates youe peripheral vision so you won't be able to see a car coming at you from the left or right side. Studies also show that texting while driving obscures your vision. If you look up you might miss some object pedestrians, street signs, etc. Using cell phones in cars should be banned. So many accidents have been caussed by it, honestly this shouldn't even be a debatable topic. If the call was an emergency someone having a heart attack, robber in the house, etc I'm pretty sure the person who called you knows to call 911.

  • Yes because...

    Over a million people die per year because of their cells inside their car, and often, kids are also the victim and usually die too.
    Personally, I think that it has it's pro's too, along with their cons.
    A pro would be your family is safe; but possibly not you.

  • Cell phone use should be illegal while driving

    It's been proven that talking on the phone while driving increases you risk of an accident by 4, it's four times more likely! That's about the same as having 3-4 beers before driving.

    Some bad arguments against this notion, and why they are bad:

    1. My call might be important/urgent/to 911:
    If you have an important call to make. Stop and make the call, if you can't handle waiting 5 minutes, reschedule your life. Regarding emergencies, it could very well be allowed to call 911 in the car, but no other numbers.

    2. But that implies you shouldn't eat/drink/smoke/tinker with the stereo/etc either:

    3. I'm not a teen, my brain is somehow more mature:
    This makes no sense at all. While older drivers are certainly better, they have even worse reaction times than teens. And there is no science that says older brains are better at driving per se, and it's proven that you can't learn to multitask like this.

    4. What if I use a handsfree:
    These have been proven to have little benefit, it's not about the occupied hand, it's about your occupied brain.

    5. What about talking to other passengers:
    Other passengers notice when traffic gets more intense and tend to adapt the conversation to the situation.

  • Cell phones are a distraction.

    People dont have brains, and dont understand that they can wait 5 minutes without being on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some people have a fear of "being left out" so they can't stand not knowing what's going so they get on their phones at the most inappropriate times putting other peoples lives in risk for their own selfish reasons. While people are too busy tampering with their phones they get distracted and don't realize that they are going off the road or going faster than they should be. It also delays reaction time and takes focus off the road. Banning cell phone use while driving will make the road a safer place and allow people to be more aware of their surroundings.

  • You can't pay attention to the road if your eyes are stuck in the phone.

    Witnessed a man make a wrong turn and got hit by another car. The man made out alive and so did his kids. He told the cop that he was on his phone while driving. How many accidents or deaths will it take until people realize that being on the phone while driving is just not safe!

  • You can die.

    People die because they are stupid cell phone users while they are driving. They don't care how many people die or how many get badly injured. They are to busy texting or calling someone. One of these days they are going to die because they were texting and driving. They don't get the dangers.

  • Cell phone use in cars should be banned because it causes accidents.

    Mobile phones are very convenient and in most ways have been a great addition to society, but they should never be used while driving. When people talk on the cell phones while driving, they are distracted from what they need to be paying attention to: the road. Talking on cell phones while driving causes accidents, so it should not be allowed.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • I think that cell phones are a distraction to both the driver and the people around the driver.

    When I am driving in my car I notice when someone makes a goofy turn or comes into my lane, mere centimeters in front of me. I look at them and think? "How could they be so irresponsible?" And meanwhile the driver is chatting away not even paying attention to the road. I think when someone is driving, they should be 100% concentrated. Besides if that person did get in a crash, they could be seriously injured. Better safe than sorry, it only takes one time. Because if you die, you don't get to do it again.

  • Yes in believe that cell phone should be banned but by everybody in the car not just the driver..

    I think cell phones should be banned by every body not just the driver by every body in the car.I do because then the drive may not be using a cell phone the passenger might say hey look at this picture and that could cause a crash. Its not just the driver its all people in the car. I am only sixteen and i believe this is an important way to keep the pedestrians and drivers safe.

  • yes, I do believe phones should definately be banned while driving.

    Accidents happen everyday because of that ''oh so important text'' that you just have to reply to. Three accidents have happened right outside my house because texting is so important. Alot of people say that we need to mind our own business and it's none of our business what you do behind the wheel but when you hurt or kill someone it becomes everyones business. And i know what I am saying when I say everything has consequences, EVERYTHING. May not be the first or the second or the third time but sooner or later karma is going to slap you very very hard in the face.

  • This is America and we do what we want.

    Phones are cool and adults like to play with them, because if they are all alone while driving they will get bored. Now they can play games while driving and die. If they want to die they can if they want to, because this is America and we do what we want

  • Lets enjoy freedom

    Cell phones were designed for the change in our culture. So that we could stay in touch with those we care about when travelling, we could do business while stuck in traffic, we could call immediately for help in an emergency situation. Things of those natures. I have learned to never talk about a problem without a solution. So my solution would be that since all cell phones have tracking devices in them anyway nowadays that the texting option would lock out while you are in a vehicle and moving. There are certain tweeks or updates phone companies could make to put the software on the phones, while at the same time communicating with the car companies that they build in the second half of the software into the vehicle kinda like a smart car phone, giving locale of the driver and still communicating through the hands free device that is built into the car. Or a car that you can talk to and hear your text messages being read to you over the loud speaker and you can choose to respond with talk text technology. People are not dumb unless they let others tell them they are.

  • Cell phone use in cars should not be banned.

    It allows you to keep in touch while driving, and call for help when needed. Using the hands free car phone can be about the same distraction as using a mobile phone, as well as having another person in the car. Talking on the phone can cause a accident, but if you are careful while driving it can be okay. It is not the phone that is the problem, its the ability to pay attention

  • Using a phone while driving is not too dangerous, so mobile phones should not be banned in cars.

    It doesn't matter whether or not you have a phone; you will distract the driver anyway. If anyone else is in a vehicle it increases the risk of crash. It is good to have someone in back with a phone in case the appointment you are driving to is canceled and they are trying to contact you. It is also very good in case of emergencies.

  • It's not the phone, it's the ability to pay attention.

    It's just like having another person in the vehicle; more of a distraction. It takes away your focus. That's the real danger. It may make you take your hand off the wheel for a while, but so will rolling down the windows or changing the radio station. You just have to stay focused and don't get too deep into the conversation.

  • Cell phones in cars should not be banned completely

    Cell phones in cars are a distraction, however, sometimes they are used for good reasons. I think calling on cell phones should be legal after a person has had their license for a year. Many people use cell phones to contact their families for important reasons while others do not. I believe texting while driving should definitely be banned no matter what age you are because it doesn't matter how good of a driver you are because if you are texting, there is no way you are looking at the road.

  • No, I do not believe mobile phones in cars should be banned.

    I understand that people want the use of cell phones in cars to stop. We can not possibly ban cell phones from cars. Cell phones are used to contact many people in emergencies. As a parent, I would be highly upset if they passed a law that banned me from using my phone inside a car.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • Mobile phone use should absolutely not be made illegal as it sets a dangerous standard to other aspects of driving.

    Using the logic that an individual can't properly operate a vehicle and a mobile phone without causing grave danger to other drivers and pedestrians is a dangerous logic. Using that thought process would lead to many other driving distractions being removed such as: billboards, radio stations, passengers, etc. In addition, many other things would be made illegal such as eating or drinking hot coffee while driving.

    Posted by: FriendlyGonzalo28
  • Mobile phone use in cars does not pose a significant enough safety risk to justify an outright ban.

    People get into accidents when they fail to pay attention, or when their hands are occupied, so that they cannot react quickly. Hands-free devices or speaker phone use should be required. People should use judgment in ensuring they can devote sufficient attention to driving, while they are on the phone. With these measures, an outright ban is unnecessary.

    Posted by: HaplessBritt39
  • I disagree that mobile phone use in cars should be illegal, mainly due to the fact that not everyone is distracted with them while driving.

    The number one cause of accidents among drivers is messing with the car stereo. If you ban cell phone use, then you have to remove radios, ban smoking in cars, ban children from riding in cars, etc. These all are far more distracting for drivers than talking.

    Posted by: N3vinFace

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