• Not all but alot

    Studies show that over 25% of Muslims are radical. So that means that over 400,000 Muslims are radical, and have the chance to become terrorists. So i'm saying that most Muslims should indeed be classified as terrorists. Hillary Clinton is a dumb broad that lies all the time and cant please her husband. Allahu Akbar and have a nice day.

  • No fair for Muslims

    Why should some Muslims go and become terrorrists, but then all the Muslims that are not terrorrists are also named terrorrists and are banned in other countries? Think about the Muslims, who do practise their religion Islam and are ashamed to see there own religion becoming hated by the world. It just is not fair. Also a side note. A British man can go and murder people and get violent. Nobody would care, but if it was a Muslim, everybody would scream terrorrist and kill him. That is not fair! The media is changing peoples minds, the want us to fear Muslims. Please wake up people!

  • The question is, are the terrorists Muslim?

    No man that kills a mass of innocent people should be labeled as Muslim, these are just propaganda spread by certain people. If you may know, there are rules of Jihad. 1.You should only fight with a person who fights back 2.You shouldn't kill women, children or anyone that wants nothing to do with your war.
    3.You shouldn't cut down trees or destroy people's properties.
    So anyone going against this, is logically not a Muslim.

    A real Muslim only fight for defence, cause we are not weak. And if a man trying to protect his country or family from danger is a terrorist. Then the whole human race are terrorists.

    Another thing that I'm confused is when a non Muslim commit a crime, he will only be named as a thief, a murderer, or crazy. But when the same crimes are committed by a person with an Islamic name then he's a terrorist (Muslim Terrorist).
    I want everyone to be judged by their deeds and not their religion.

  • Not All Are

    Yes Islam is messed up, you can check my other opinions for proof. But not all Muslims follow the Quran fully. True Muslims are terrorists, but most are people with morals outside of religion, and these morals allow them to reject the murderous parts of the book. They're still wrong, but not all are terrorists.

  • Muslims are not Terrorists!!!!!

    Saying all Muslims are terrorist because a group of them are blowing the world up is very simpleminded. And the Isis is technically not a Muslim group, they are terrorist who do vicious and nasty attacks on the world. Muslims teach another meaning and that is not to be cruel and hurtful on others. Its the total opposite! Discriminating on Muslims because of what's going on today is just cruel and ignorant.

  • No they shouldn't

    Thats obviously bigotry. I have muslim family and friends who are not terrorists and it would be absurd to label them as such. I have been to turkey and turkey is a very secular country with friendly people who despise violence. There are muslims like malal yousefzi fighting against terrorism and islamic extremism. Should we label malala a terrorist ? No

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