Should all non-academic services be outsourced in state schools?

  • Aim for quality

    Currently for example in Namibia, we are receiving poor quality services in state schools.The government workers are not serious with their work and I believe this is because of the poor supervision mechanism currently in place. The only solution to this is top handover this workers and their services to private companies. Most importantly this will reduce the burden the government is having, it will concentrate more on the academic issues.

  • We want to know what effect it has in state schools and all other schools

    Most teachers are now worried about whether they will lose their jobs as this happens, however that's not the case. In fact, this will be assisting them with all the loads of work that they claim to have. This can be in the case of teachers who also have to teach non promotional subjects such as life skills. They will have assistance from the organizations such as the RED CROSS.

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