Should all nuts be banned from schools due to allergies?

  • I have the allergy

    In my school there was a peanut free table in the cafeteria I would sit at everyday and feel safe at. That did not require the whole school to get rid of peanuts. One place that nuts and peanuts were not allowed at all was in my classroom. I was in there so much that having the allergen in a contained space that I was constantly in was very unsafe because of the severity of my allergy. This only required my one room to not eat peanuts and nuts not the whole school. So in that case the school banned the allergens from my room, but banning it from the rest of the school without kids with allergies in their class was pointless and would only cause argument.

  • Your treat can be someone else's poison

    So what if u love o Henry bars or Snickers eat them at home, see one of the most common allergies in children are nut and peanut allergies. Some kids may be at risk of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction. People don't care because they don't understand how to feels, I do. I am anaphylactic to nuts and the feeling of your throat swelling up, itchy tongue and eyes is so uncomfortable and painful. This isn't fair to other students, I've had to eat in a different room away from my friends because someone brought nuts to the lunch room. It maybe a snack to you but I have to end up with all the consequences.

  • Do you want to kill someone?

    Do you really want to kill some one like a friend or some one in your school by making them go into anaphylactic shock? I think you are saying no to this question so why risk it by bringing peanuts and tree nuts into schools and businesses? Answer: don't bring them at all.

  • My school does not do a good job with my peanut allergy

    Every day at lunch they would have a peanut butter sandwich i would have to sit at a peanut free table with only 2 seats and i happen to be the only person in my school with a nut allergy entirely and it is very unsettling being the only one in the school.

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  • Schools should not ban anything they cannot enforce.

    There is a nut ban at my kid's school - all nuts. All parents are made aware of the policy, yet I know a few who disregard it because their kids like almonds and peanut butter sandwiches. They do not feel that the majority should have to cater to the minority. There are older kids who walk to school themselves and stop at the supermarket on the way. They buy Snickers and other items that definitely contain nuts so it's clear they don't check the ingredients or even care. This is why I feel that banning nuts is pointless. In order to enforce the ban, the school would have to inspect the contents of every child's lunch box, backpack and pockets before they entered the school ground. There are 750 students at my kid's school - not likely to happen. No parent of a child with severe allergies should ever rely on the school community to protect them - all it takes is non compliance from a few and it could cost their child their life. If I had a child with life threatening allergies, I would definitely educate them at home.

  • This is the exception not the rule

    Peanuts are not nuts, they are beans. Peanut allergies are not like other food allergies. Allergic reactions to peanuts can result from simply touching items with peanut residue on them. The symptoms of an allergic reaction to peanuts is worse also than other allergies. Generally, I would think that nuts are okay. I would fully support peanuts ban from schools, but not all nuts.

  • No, it should not.

    Nuts are a healthy snack that most kids are able to enjoy. It is important to define what does and does not have nuts in it for those with allergies, but it should not be taken out of school all together. As long as processings and labeling of the nuts are done right students should be ok with it in the school.

  • Learn Life skills

    Nuts are healthy option and great snack for kids to have and build into their diet and we are educating our children that nuts are not allowed. Our children spend more time in school than at home. My children have several friends that have nut allergies. However, their parents will tell you that never had to use the epipen and most are for peanuts. These children with nut allergy also need to be part of society and learn what to do, as they get older or outside of school in parks, restaurants, transport they cannot control nut area zones. We recently moved from nut free school to nuts ok. Remember not all children have nut allergy. In my eldest daughter class , if they have a nut snack they need to eat outside classroom in a designated area for their lunch, as one girl has nut allergy. One school realised that no one in the school had nut allergy so why nut free?

  • Vegans Need Nuts, and Unintended Consequences for Human

    As a vegan, I wonder what is the long-term effect on my child who is not allowed to eat nuts most of the time. Also, for meat meat eaters, what other snacks they replace nuts with, junk foods, such as chips? What are the long-term impacts of banning the entire branch of wholesome foods on the majority of people's health. Moreover, any epidemiological impacts? Human become intolerance of nuts? I don't think policy makers think it all through before implementing the policy, but it seems to me that banning nuts comes with huge unintended negative consequences, outweighing the risk of small percentage of allergic students getting sick from exposures to nuts.

    Instead of banning nuts, can school make less invasive policy or simple arrangements, e.g. separated lunch rooms and detail cleaning right after lunch by janitors, etc.?

  • No, no, no!

    Nuts are a healthy snack food for the majority and if those consuming nuts are taught to eat in a designated area and wipe down a table and wash their hands after eating, why should there be a problem. Schools can not guarantee a nut free environment on a school excursion, so why not teach children how to consume nuts safely around others and what to look for in those who have allergies so help can be given ASAP should the need arise. Children with allergies need to learn to live in the real world. There are times when a grandparent or family member may make the lunches and not be aware, should that child be hungry at school, no, the child with allergies needs to take responsibility and not share food. A ban for very young children may be helpful but not upper primary and high school, trying to ban can not be realistically policed and offers a false sense of security. Teach those with allergies what steps they need to stay safe. Teach those without allergies to be respectful but don't take healthy food off the menu!

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  • Too harsh on vegetarians

    Nut bans are too harsh on vegetarians especially. How would meat eaters feel if we banned all meat from schools? That's the same thing to a vegetarians. We rely to heavily on the protein from nuts. Nuts for everyone whether vegetarian or nut are a HEALTHY snack option. There is a middle ground and banning nuts is not the answer.

  • Practise life skills

    Banning is a band aid approach. No one is dying from going into anaphylactic shock by smelling nuts. Educating children from a young age the seriousness of allergies is important. More importantly being exposed to the situation daily and learning life long skills on how to wash hands, clean up surfaces, not share food and know what can happen and how they should respond to allergic reactions far outward a parents fear and the misguided belief that they will Die if nuts aren't banned. Trying to enforce and monitor a nut free zone is also not intently possible. Are teachers going to search kids? Read every packing label and ensure all food had not earlier come into contact with nuts? It's impossible. Teach kids the dangers, enforce the skills so they learn how not to affect others.

  • How many foods are we going to ban?

    If you are going to ban peanuts, then get ready to ban seafood and citrus fruits too. People have serious allergies to those two items. Let's say all 3 of those foods are banned. Do you realize how many foods you just banned?

    I think schools are settling themselves up for big lawsuits because they are making promises they can't keep. This could be deadly for the most sensitive students.

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