Should all of Canada adopt Bob Marley Day as a national holiday?

  • He should be honored.

    Yes, all of Canada should adopt Bob Marley Day as a national holiday, because he has done a lot to make the country famous. Bob Marley is renowned internationally. He has done a lot for music, and he has done a lot for Canada. Canada should celebrate his accomplishments by honoring him with a special day.

  • A ridiculous idea

    Bob Marley is not a fixture of Canadian culture or history and the declaration of Bob Marley day in Toronto is a bizarre publicity stunt by an embattled mayor who will probably be losing his position soon, probably to connect with a youth demographic that his staunchly conservative politics are not consistent with.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I don't believe that Bob Marley should have the honor of a national holiday, especially in a country that he had little to nothing to do with. Bob Marley has been known to make homophobic statements and the music that "evolved" from reggae is very sexist and homophobic in general as well. He might have been a person known for peace and love, but that didn't extent to everyone.

  • They should not.

    All of Canada should not adopt Bob Marley Day as a national holiday. There is no reason for all of Canada to adopt Bob Marley Day, and it will put Canada under a negative light to the other countries. Canada needs to avoid Bob Marley Day like it is the plague.

  • If they want to

    I think that Canada should adopt Bob Marley Day as a national holiday if they wish to do so. Bob Marley was an important person to people all over the world. He is respected and admired all over the world as well. But I think that Canada should only adopt Bob Marley Day if they want to.

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